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RE: 2020 Pacific Northwest on Fire..

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I watched the smoke roll in like fog on Friday. I am prepping to relieve a crew we have in the Okanagon area rebuilding the power lines. I went there a few years back and I guess this year it is far worse. Hey, I guess this gives us a real reason to put on a mask. 😜😜


The Blue Bridge over the Columbia River on Saturday.


We are headed back to the Tri-cities tomorrow. We are in Goldbar today, not that bad.

It’s pretty bad still in Walla Walla. The mountains tend to keep things locked in over here for a while.

never seen anything like this, wish there was something to say or do besides just praying that the good in humanity can prevail :(

It very sad... the countless people who have lost everything due to a couple a-holes lighting fires.