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RE: 2,020km Challenge Hive Donations Update, Sunday "Funday" & Rewards Pool Changes?

I don't think the idea is gaining popularity per se. I think the interested parties are pushing the narrative that it is gaining popularity so that users think that it is inevitable and resist it less. I don't like it. The successes on hive engine seem to be the exception not the rule. Content creators would not feel incentivised to stay. But what do I know. I'm just a handsome man with a penchant for story telling :0D


Yeah I've removed my witness votes from those who are pushing these changes as I don't like this idea as well. The argument that "it's not worked for 4 years" doesn't fly because there hasn't been any marketing to consumers (or any proper marketing from a dedicated team at all) and I find it a little rich that this is coming from folks who ran bid bots previously.

As for the successes on Hive Engine, well, we can see how many tokens lost value on steem-engine, not really sure any have kept their value on Hive-Engine when they swapped over to Hive?

I can't argue with your last sentence at all 😃

Yeah, totally agree. In essence, started with a product, tried to destroy it via tinkering with the curve and rewards algorithm and standing by or actually running the bid bots which made it all look as scammy as fuck which in turn either chased people away or put them off joining is not 4 years of progress!

Them side tokens, worth fuck all in general!

I know mate, it hurts a lot to see how such a great concept can be so badly managed, portrayed and abused like it was for at least 2 years by those in charge - I'm pretty sure it wasn't "all on steemit" as the narrators would leave us to believe...

The potential of rewarding content creators who in turn can reward their fans, or even just consumers themselves getting rewarded for doing just that, is massive.

Can't help but wonder if a company with big pockets is looking at the tech here and thinking of developing a totally consumer friendly content site/app adopting aspects of the open source tech... 🤔

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