Weekend of the 4th 2020

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To my fellow Americans, I hope you all had a good 4th of July. There were definitely a lot less we could do this year in a safe manner. But, that doesn't stop people from enjoying their time.

         Smaller gatherings with family friends were on the menu. It wasn't too difficult to hike a mountain and watch the fireworks from a distance. Heck, I fired my own fireworks for kicks and giggles.

         For those of us with a yard, it was a lot easier to do a bit of social distancing while spending some time outside. I don't know about you, but staying inside all day makes me lethargic. Adding the fact that I work graveyard shifts, the vitamin D deficiency is real.

         One of the fun things I've done this weekend was playing a game called kubb. Never heard of it, so it was my first time playing. It was a fun group game.

         I also had the opportunity to tomahawk toss for fun, but I can't seem to find the photos on my phone. I may have to ask some friends to see if they had any photos. It's a fun deal, but definitely need to clear the area of dogs and running children first.

         That was my weekend. Hang out with the family. Went to some social gatherings at friends' places. Finally, more or less the same things, but hosted by colleagues at work. Some of them turned out to be elaborate play dates.

         The year is a little more than half way over, but it has been a tumultuous one. I hope the second half of the year turn out better than the first. Fingers crossed, but I fear things are only going to get worse as the election draws near.

         Enjoy your time, but definitely stay safe out there.


I have seen that game before. My wife was going to try and use a version of it with her students at school, but I think she decided the rules were too complex for the amount of time she was going to have to teach them the game. It sounds like you had a great weekend!

Yeah, that game was complex. Having half a dozen people who had never played it before didn't help the game flow smoother, but it was fun.

Never heard of the game will have to look it up and see what it is all about, sounds like you spent a great time outdoors with family.

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It was good fun. I enjoyed it.

That's a nice lawn. Glad you had a good USA B-Day

It was better than expected.

521681C6D83B490280E83E046B585ED8.jpegfirework launch pad on back of my truck

Glad to hear you didn’t do anything I wouldn’t do. 😜😜 We had a. Awesome firework battle with the people 5 houses down. My neighbor across the street and us teamed up... unfortunately those crazies down the road must have dug a little deeper in the pockets. Lol.

Yeah, this year's fireworks were mostly bring your own goods type of deal. You got some videos of it?

Ya, I just need to go through them and sort them out. I have a bunch of short videos. I may or may not have been a little “tuned up”. Lol. I have been working on finishing my truck so I can get out and take the family camping.

Always up for adventures, you.

I am in need of a vacation big time!! I am planning about a week and a half long trip with the fam to the Oregon and Washington coast. But first I need a weekend to just kick back away from everything and chill-ax

Sometimes, I like to sit around and do nothing. It's the best.

Kick the feet up on the beach of in the woods and take a frickin’ nap. Lol

have you launched the tomahawk across the map?!? on COD it was beautiful!

It's a lot harder to do that in real life. Took me a few tries to even get the thing to stick into the board.

Stay safe sir. Let's pray for the beat, I heard that the funding for vaccines are up. Let's hope that brings good news with it.

We will know when we get there.

Yeah, you are right.