Actifit plus Curation: BTS and the KPop craze | Blog by Gibic

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Each day, aside from my Actifit report card, I'll share one amazing content that I found recently to make each post meaningful. And for today, here's a fun and trendy blog from Gibic.

A few words about BTS, the biggest K-pop wave at the moment

I heard the "Idol" song a few times before but it's the first time I've seen the music in video in full as featured in Gibic's post. After watching it, I had only mad props for the personality in the music and the fun choreography. The Jimmy Fallon live performance also shows the level of discipline these idols must have and how hard they have trained to perfect the routine.

BTS's Idol kept replaying on my head after lol. It's fun and I kind of like it for a party mood. The traditional Korean elements integrated into the music also added to its dynamics and likability.

We can hear there are shouts of "Eolssu!", "Jihwaja", which usually appears in the Pansori, a traditional Korean show. There is also a traditional Korean beat "dung-gi-geok-koong-dururu" (almost equivalent to us when mimicking drum sound).

Daily Activity, Weight Lifting

  • By Weightlifting, I meant a few pounds of weight. Anything heavier won't allow me to get these Actifit numbers lol.

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