I Rained Cats & Dogs😍🐈🐩: October 23 2019

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Hello friends🕺,

Thanks for dropping by and here is a summary of my actifit report today.

If it was raining cats and dogs yesterday morning today’s morning was raining tigers and Lions. Lol. Mehn! Thunder, lighting and heavy down pour was enough to make loads of us stay home. You can see the size of the rain drop in the cover banner, I hope it show because seeing it live is different from seeing it on a picture I snapped with this worn out phone of mine. Lol.

The rabbit had a late breakfast because there was no way I was getting inside the rain. Luck for them they had their dinner very late so I guess they had it ok with them. When I brought the feeds into each of their cages they didn’t also show any sign that they were very hungry. They were rather looking scared as the thunder kept pounding as if there won’t be an opportunity to hit the earth with such loud sounds again.

I could not do much walking as the rain confined in indoors all through the morning and afternoon. I was able to play the Splinterlands (Steem Monsters) games though but it was raining defeats for me there too. Lol. It’s all good, I leant my leasons in each battle and points were taken.

They beat me black and blue today, or should I say purple and pint. Lol.

Enjoy this rain song by the one and only Rihanna, Peace.


Rihanna ft Jay Z Umbrella original video

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Raining Tigers and Lions that sounds dangerous 🤣

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My dear it was, the sound of the rain drops hitting the car made me think I'll need body work on the car but after the rain there was no dent on the car🚖😂.

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Well, no problem, since you like the rain 😁

😂 not the extreme rain mahn.😍🤣

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I agree with you @ketcom, from that picture it looks like the dam just burst!!!
Is anything staying dry Lol😀
Tomorrow will be a new @actifit day my friend!!

Yeah Chief, my steps were dry😁😂😍

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Hi @ketcom! Maybe you need a boat to feed the rabbits, lol? Crazy weather for sure! Perhaps tomorrow will bring blue skies and sunshine and opportunity to get outside for some fresh air and some @actifit steps. Have a wonderful day!😎

Oh wow 😱, what a deluge of rain ☔. In some parts of kenya we have had flooding. Luckily in Nairobi we haven't seen as much.
Good thing you had the steem monsters game to keep you busy. With what you learnt am sure you will do better💯.
Lovely song from Rihanna, I take it that an umbrella can't survive especially if the downpour gets really windy 🍃.
Wishing you an amazing Thursday ahead 🎉. Hopefully the rain subsides ASAP 👍😁

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It really looks worthy of something stronger than "raining cats and dogs", although it is as you say and all the impression is not captured in the photos, even in a video the full intensity of a storm may not be reflected.

The phrase caught my attention, because in my tierre I have also heard people using it, in addition to others that are very typical of us, such as saying “it rains a cantaro”, a cantaro is an old large container used to store water, today in disuse day, but in some parts the phrase is still as I remember.