CORNHOLER-19 - The Biggest Scam The Government and Media Ever Pulled

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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - 200 Years Together pdf:

"The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." - Frank Zappa

"A single person who stops lying can bring down a tyranny" Alexandr Solzhenitsyn



Hey Max. Glad to see you are standing strong and sticking with Hive. I see you posted a YouTube video to Hive. I invite you to try - a censorship resistant video platform built on Hive. Your videos will never be censored and you would be eligible for 3Speak upvotes.

I cannot upload to 3speak... I log on, it tells me I need to import my hive account, so I enter my username and click next. Then it asks for my Hive active posting key, I enter it and click next and it never leaves that page, I can leave it overnight and it will still be on that page... its the same when I attempt to withdraw any funds, I get to a point where I have to make a Hive password and confirm it, I do so and click 'get started' but it never leaves that page no matter how long I stay on it or how many times I go though the process. it's a good tool in overcoming a challenge.
What's happening now on our planet still leads us toward a zero freedom world.

Are we working on the cause of our problem?
What do you think?

Fuck the downvoters and deniers in the ear Max.
Your work is important and those who don’t think so are brainwashed slaves with little or no future.
Good on ya mate.

As long as we don't work on the cause of our problem, we have no future.
Are we working on the cause of our problem?
What do you think?

The scam is real, the pandemic a lie that is obvious, don't stop now, the wave of awareness is moving closer and getting bigger, they shore can feel it coming now and that is why they are desperate all over the place trying to silence true information, without considering the right to free speech anymore; thanks for all your work and stay strong in your self.

WW3 is now being played live in the comments section of your last post!

aint that the truth

yes I just saw .... thats enough for me. This does not appear to be a welcoming, fair or tolerant platform that encourages free speech or constructive discussion.... that last post is like ego control freak central... I thank those who have shown me kindness for their support during my brief time here, but after looking at the infantile and ego driven attitudes displayed by certain posters on that last thread, I think thats enough for me. Im done here and if asked, I wont be giving Hive any favorable reviews

Seeing what and who has been attacking your posts has been revealing and enlightening!

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As surveillance tech continue being developed, we end up in the face of an accomplished fact - a control grid.
Who develops this tech?
Are we addressing the cause of our problem?

What do you think?