Wow! Impossible gain! But I don’t have any ADA! LoL
Good fortune to those who hold ADA!

Amazing gain! Others are dipping!

Yeah I just wanna get my ADA fill back under a dollar! lol thanks!'

Good luck! Thanks so much for your kind support. I will have to take you for a tour of Chinatown one day! LoL

I think this viola is doomed

Of course it does after I got rid of mine. Used my ADA to get into ZIL about a month ago then ended up trading my Zil over to GRT while it was still low.

Yeah, I'm not positive about ADA damping, we'll see! Usually they do after big moves. Lotta ADA supply!

I was just seeing so much fomo last night on all the streams I wanted to make a controversial post. I just get worried about ADA sometimes because it has so many leverage long traders stacked. As soon as Bitcoin mewns, some of those longs will filp back to btc and cause a dip. I don't have anything against ADA, however looking for a dip to add some. I may have a few ada, but I tp,d some.

Yeah I still am holding onto my 100k Zil, I think I'm gonna wait till it pulls an ada.

Glad HIVE is doing it too tho, going up!

Yeah about time Hive made a move.

So the price won't rely on Bitcoin in terms of the value?

I think ADA is more like a HIVE and ETH than Bitcoin. Nope I think the two will trade inversely. BTC up ADA down, and vice versa. BTC is on a dip while ADA is on a rip, to me the trade looks obvious. I could be wrong, I'm looking to buy a little ADA next chance I get!

thank you for sharing, have a nice weekend


Sir, is this the new currency or does it already exist like Bitcoin?

ADA has been around for a long time. ADA is more like ETHER. I'm not sure what the fomo is all about. ADA is good, don't get me wrong. In the short run I just thought it was looking toppy!

Great post @coininstant, if you have time please make a post on ADA too.

Have a Good day!🌺🌺🌺

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thank you very much for the information, have a good day and a great mood