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In one of the previous lessons, my students were asked to conduct an article analysis and this is what they came up with. A lot of such tasks are normally done and forgotten. However, with Steemit, these tasks and assignments can be converted into content.

It is just an assignment, so why bother?

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One of the reasons I deduce this can be helpful is due to how such tasks could help retain the knowledge of the students. Remember the first time you had to write a steemit post? Wasn't it tough? It was tough not because the writing was tough. It was tough because you put some effort into making it look good. Plus, I'm sure we, including myself, worked hard on the content to ensure that it gets a nice upvote.

Hence, imagine if the same level of commitment can be placed in completing an assignment. This would likely help in students retaining their knowledge after some time because of the effort that they have placed in completing their assignment. I deduce that this would be akin to remembering your first day of work or your first public speaking speech. The effort sometimes equals to retainment of knowledge.

Motivation is another key factor

What got me coming back to Steemit was the engagement and of course the rewards. The same can't be said about writing a blog or completing an assignment in the class. Unless you are dedicated to a 4.00 CGPA, there is really no real motivation in doing well in one's assignment.

From my experience, projects have a way in keeping people excited about its completion. I have seen students more interested in making a drama or a camp a success than ensuring the success of a written assignment. One reason behind it is how seeing these projects take shape or bear results is more satisfying than the printing of a piece of paper that is their assignment.

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With Steemit, this should not be the case and may serve as a way for them to be a bit more motivated or excited about some of the mundane subjects that they will be doing. Thus, Steemit is like the cheese on a yucky Broccoli or the salt in an underwise bland meal.


But, I digress. Ultimately, my intention here is to ask for support and exposure to my students' work. Do head on to their links below. Say hi, encourage them and engage them. Hopefully, this keeps them coming back for more.

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