Cardcoin airdrop ! (1000 tokens)

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Cardcoin airdrop ! (1000 tokens)

What is an Airdrop :

Airdrop is distributed of coin or token is to the community for free or for small tasks, is a try to build a community that will support the token or coin, and every Airdrop is diffrenet from others, you can use Myetherwallet or Waves wallet or others is depend on which blockchain the token is built.

What is cardcoin ?

A blockchain technology that will be used in casinos !

The aim is to avoid cheating and to improve the security of costumers.

Our website will arrive soon !

Steps to follow to participate and to earn 1000 tokens :

  1. Follow us on twitter :

  2. Retweet the pinned post :

  • Join our partners on Telegram :

  • You can earn 500 tokens for every friends that you refer . They have to enter your Telegram username in "Telegram username of the personne who referred you"

    Everything will be checked, don't cheat.

    Disclaimer : i can't find their contract address but i have receive more than 30 Airdrop, and i have find projects like this, i have received the Token after that i have fill the form and the distribution of the Token begin


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    Cardcoin is blockchain technology. The aim of our token is to improve the security of transactio……

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