Monday morning and cluster head aches!


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Cluster Head aches. It is that time of the year for me again. I wrote about this once before and I cannot remember when, might have been last fall. As my clusters as the word suggests come in clusters. Usually in the spring and or fall. This year it is the fall. All pics and quotes are from the link to wiki above.


I would say I am going on a week and half with them now. Since I first had indications of them starting. I have not had any extreme pain yet but if they hold true I will. I get them mostly at night. Usually one hour after I fall asleep, like clock work. They wake me up, I have to get up, I either have to sit up and wait for it to pass or I have to wall around, drink caffeine and put something hot on my head. It is left sided only.

At their worst you feel like you would rather be dead. No I would never do that. That is just how bad the pain is!

Now what does Wiki say about it.

Cluster headache (CH) is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent severe headaches on one side of the head, typically around the eye(s).[1] There is often accompanying eye watering, nasal congestion, or swelling around the eye on the affected side.[1] These symptoms typically last 15 minutes to 3 hours.[2] Attacks often occur in clusters which typically last for weeks or months and occasionally more than a year.[2]

The cause is unknown.[2] Risk factors include a history of exposure to tobacco smoke and a family history of the condition.[2] Exposures which may trigger attacks include alcohol, nitroglycerin, and histamine.[2] They are a primary headache disorder of the trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias type.[2] Diagnosis is based on symptoms.[2]

Recommended management includes lifestyle adaptations such as avoiding potential triggers.[2] Treatments for acute attacks include oxygen or a fast-acting triptan.[2][4] Measures recommended to decrease the frequency of attacks include steroid injections, civamide, or verapamil.[4][6] Nerve stimulation or surgery may occasionally be used if other measures are not effective.[2]

The condition affects about 0.1% of the general population at some point in their life and 0.05% in any given year.[5] The condition usually first occurs between 20 and 40 years of age.[2] Men are affected about four times more often than women.[5] Cluster headaches are named for the occurrence of groups of headache attacks (clusters).[1] They have also been referred to as "suicide headaches".[2]

As you can read by the last line, the last two words "suicide headaches". I am hoping that this years cluster does not get as bad as they have in the past.

Dr. Peter Goadsby, Professor of Clinical Neurology at University College London, a leading researcher on the condition has commented:
"Cluster headache is probably the worst pain that humans experience. I know that's quite a strong remark to make, but if you ask a cluster headache patient if they've had a worse experience, they'll universally say they haven't. Women with cluster headache will tell you that an attack is worse than giving birth. So you can imagine that these people give birth without anesthetic once or twice a day, for six, eight, or ten weeks at a time, and then have a break. It's just awful."[19]

Another example of how bad they can get!

Just thought I would fill you in on another oddity about Bradley. And I still manage to stay Positive though it.

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I also did a post last night about a GoFundMe page set up for Hurricane Fiona - Port aux Basques. Newfoundland-Labrador.


That is it for me this Monday morning!


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Have a super positive day everyone.



Great post, Bradley.
Very informative blog post about cluster head aches.
I'm sorry you have to go through all this pain.
I'm hoping you feel better by now.
Have a great day/ evening.
Barb :)

Thanks so much Barb 😀


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My mother and 2 of my dear friends have Trigeminal Neuralgia. I'm thankful my mom has a daily medication that keeps her from getting the terrible pain. She cries even trying to describe what that pain was like. !CTP

I feel for them.


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Thanks for the mention, Bradley!

I can't imagine how severe your headaches are. I know I have to stay clear of them because if one installs, I can't get rid of it except by taking a pill. No tricks I try otherwise work. And I hate taking pills if I can avoid them.

Your welcome. Ya, I hear ya, pills don't work on mine.


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Sorry to read about those darn headaches Bradley.

Hope they dissipate sooner than later.


That is the good news my friend. They go go away 😀


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Sorry to hear about your headaches, Bradley.

Cluster headaches are not as widely known as migraine headaches, but they tend to be more severe.

There has been a lot of good new evidence in medication showing the new class of headache medication known as CGRP Inhibitors, initially indicated for migraine headaches, has shown promise with cluster headaches as well.

Sorry, I just had to share what I know, lol.

Let's not forget how much of factor stress plays as well.


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Oh. How long do they take to kick in?


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Typically within a few hours.
The brand names are Ubrelvy and Nurtec.
These are the brands in the states. It should be the same in Canada.

Ya, my typical cluster lasts 30 to 90 minutes. So.....

You can take it daily during your cluster days, which can help prevent them.
Just an option to consider.

Got ya, may have to talk to my GP. Thanks 😀

Those headaches sound bad!!

They are. Ouch. Lol


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Sorry to hear that. I have some relatives that suffer from cluster headaches so I'm familiar with how much of a derailment it can be.
Hope you find a remedy 🙏

My remedy is living through them. Thankfully they come in clusters. Then gone for months.


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Ouch! Sorry to hear you're having to deal with that. Very not fun. Hope you got some relief. I just drink a mixture of unsweetened bottled cold brew coffee and coca cola (regular or diet). And take Tylenol. Staying off the computer for awhile helps too.
Take Care and Feel Better! Hope you didn't have any Fiona damage

Thanks Lisa. 😀 my town had next to no damage thankfully.


You're welcome, Bradley! Good to hear. One of the big reasons I love being in the Midwest. It's kind of boring weatherwise. LOL

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Your headaches sound terrible. I am so sorry. I hope there is something you can take to ease the pain or better yet make it go away. How is the bathroom going.

Thanks my friend 😀

Coming along nicely 👌


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