When is a good time to buy?


When is a good time to buy in the markets? That is the big question.

Some people will say in a bear market. I believe that is one of the good times. Hard to believe that most people wait till a bull market and jump on bandwagon.


I started this morning buying up some cheap Nerds. When I got settled into my evening at home I started engaging, replying to people on Hive that had engaged with my latest post. I talk about this a bit this morning. And some of them told me they picked up some Nerds themselves.

So I went back for a look. And bam the market is on fire 🔥.

So I picked up a bunch more. Building my stake.

So why would I do this when ListNerds token has tanked?

Because I can get it cheap.

Because I believe in ListNerds.

Because I believe in the team 100 percent.

I have know @jongolson for over 10 years, probably going on 15.

When you see @blainjones and afflitech buying up tokens it adds to your confidence.

I believe.

I believe there is big things going to happen with ListNerds in the future.

It may not be tomorrow, next week, next month, or it might be...

But I truly believe ListNerds is a game changer in the crypto and web 3.0 world.

So while others jump, I am jumping into the deep end with my eyes wide open.

Save this post and come back and tell me I am wrong next year.

I am alive and Thriving on ListNerds.



I love that quote in the ListNerds page that states: "Growing your downline is a marathon, not a race."

I think that will easily apply for anything in life. Crypto wealth is also not a race, instead it is a life endeavour. Greetings Bradley! Have a !PIZZA on me pal.

- EvM

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Yes it is all good stuff. I love pizza. Thank you 😊


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I see
but I have been trying to sell some tokens for quit sometime
For hive.swap wondering ifvam only one
Are your buying with hive or your own pocket

Buying with Hive.


Of course
Have a peaceful weekend

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