John Keely: The Nikola Tesla Of Sound

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Nikola Tesla is known as the godfather of electricity, he invented the alternating current and many other electrical innovations that we use today, Tesla is quoted as saying:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


Tesla believed in the esoteric knowledge of the ancients and was fascinated with The Pyramids of Giza and the scientific secrets that they hold.
However Tesla was not the first person to recognise the importance of the 'etheric' forces of nature....

A few decades earlier there was an inventor and philosopher called John Keely who researched the powers of acoustics and vibration.

Interatomic Ether

His work forms the foundation of what is now known as 'Sympathetic Vibratory Physics' and it is believed that Keely's discoveries had an influence on Tesla.

John Keely showed that sound frequency and vibration could be used as a tool to create energy, propulsion and anti-gravity effects such as levitation.

Keely said that he was inspired when he was playing the violin and he thought the harmonic vibrations of atoms could be used to create energy.

Perpetual Motion

In 1872 he invented the 'Keely Engine' as a way to demonstrate these forces and received investment from entrepreneurs such as John Jacob Astor, who later died on the HMS Titanic. He was also responsible for the 'etheric generator' and the 'vaporic gun' which aimed to use the power of atoms in water to create perpetual motion.

"It is an elaboration of interatomic ether by vibration. The atomic ether vibrates all around the molecules of matter. There is a magnetic force attached to it at the same time, and it assimilates with the molecular atomic aggregations.."

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Ancient Egypt

It has now been proven that sound frequency and vibration can cut stone using far less energy than conventional tools. It has also been shown that vibrating a heavy object, such as a heavy stone block, with a certain frequency, can create a weightlessness that makes it easier to move. This may provide an answer to the age old question of how the ancients built the pyramids in Egypt, cutting and placing stones with such precision and accuracy.

Images of tuning forks are very common in Egyptian Hieroglyphs, it is believed that the tuning forks were used in conjunction with the human voice to harness energy.
Evidence of this ancient high technology can also be seen in all the major ancient civilisations such as in South America and Mesopotamia and India.


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