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RE: John Keely: The Nikola Tesla Of Sound

in #ancient4 years ago

I have a wealth of articles and links in regards to SVP, dale pond is a social media friend of mine as well. My experiences in life lend themselves towards the invaluable investments into the absurd. But, I’m also inclined to see the empirical side of things and attempt to assimilate the polarization. My main thing is it’s all love, all else is an illusion or maya serving a purpose or playing out a cosmic drama. So good to have crossed paths @bleepcoin

I’m indeed open minded but also appreciate an ability to stay tethered to the plane we currently coexist on. Which basically means as soon as I feel some slippage in the assemblage point in a soul i get shamanic brutal with no regards for the opinions directed towards me. Rick Sanchez AF haha 😂

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