The Adventures of Living with @herpetologyguy

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Have you ever wondered what it might be like living with @herpetologyguy?

I opened the fridge this morning for herpetologyguy-jr's breakfast and found a little sandwich bag of mice thawing out. It struck me that to many people would find this gross or crazy but this is a totally normal occurrence in our household.

Here is a shot of the now warmed mouse heading to be Banner's dinner (she IS always angry)

Hope you enjoyed this tiny glimpse into our "normal!"


This is CLASSIC!!! :) I like this post a lot, seeing how you navigate being in a household with your guy, who likes these sort of things, ("like" is being used very loosely) :) I would be a bit put off seeing dead mice thawing out in the fridge. yikes!!! However, I am not one to "talk" as whenever we get a random frog in the house, (it happens a lot) I'm telling my husband to catch it and put it in the tank with my water snake. It really likes those guys. Plus it's very surreal to watch my snake hunt them down. Finding animals is a thing with me. I could never keep any of the creatures I would find in the city when I was a child. However, since moving to the country, my Honey indulges me a bit. I always "plan" on letting them loose after a while. But it's very hard. I have the snake that I was only wanting to keep for a couple of days, it's been months and several skin sheds later, I still have the snake , smh, I have 3 small turtles now, I found 2 in the street and one was in a bucket we had in our pond, One I just found this morning as I was driving down my street, I couldn't let it get run over so I got him/her and turned around to bring it back to my honey to put in with the other 2 and the snake. I only keep the small ones that I think are in danger, i.e. being in the street, (I've seen them get run over a lot) I think that when men care about creatures, animals, plants, anything in addition to humans, it speaks volumes in a good way. Thank you for sharing this post.

Well, be glad he only has snakes, and not lions or something. Then you might find half a cow in the fridge... :)

Good Read thank you!

Not to mention the bobcat skin that was left in our freezer for over a year . . . .