My Cousin's Dog Champ the Puggle - 365 Day Photo Challenge - Day 11 - Animal Photography

Champ the Puggle Goes Patriotic

My cousin loves to dress up my mom's puggle, Champ, but the crazy thing is that he stands completely still and lets her do it to him. No one else can keep the dog calm but she manages to have full dog-fashion, dress-up, photo shoots with him. These photos were on the 4th of July, when I was visiting my family, so my cousin had Champ all dressed up for fresh photos for his Instagram and blog/shopaccount she manages.

v g o o d b o y e - rare pupper

Champ is a v v g o o d b o y e and loves being decked out with props, making him perfect for my submission to @photocontests #animalphotography contest. The second shot was a fun one for black and white. It accentuates his old-man grey hair on his head.

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Hi @instatrashed, love the photos of Champ. Your cousin probably has the right energy to connect with and handle your mom's dog, which is a calm an assertive energy. And that's what calms him down and listens to her. Anyway, I love dogs and the story behind Champ's photo, so followed and upvoted.

She definitely has the right ennergy for the dog. Thanks you! :D

You're welcome

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