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RE: We are slowly becoming good friends :)

"This is how true men shoot animals.. with the camera."

With that one sentence you have a fan for life my friend...Many men would mock that sentiment, not I. I have the utmost respect for the message you convey and I wholeheartedly share it.

Nature is a gift that is given to us to be enjoyed, your amazing photo conveys the majesty of that enjoyment perfectly...You have a gift...Hirvi is a stunningly beautiful and noble creature, the knowledge in those eyes, you captured it all perfectly my friend.

I just read you intro post...I do hope @yidneth encourages you to spend even just a little time at the other side of the camera. the imagery and atmosfear you create is simply stunning. I must absolutely congratulate you on the charred trees you photographed in Navarro, so utterly professional.

Enjoy the journey Hector it will undoubtedly take you to some truly amazing places.


wow thank you very much for your comment and for appreciating that sentence! I knew I was at risk of being mocked but I wouldn't care.
oh... the other side of the camera... it is a mystery to me hehehe I enjoy much more to photograph the beauty of nature and @yidneth :)