Into The Hole

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Hole gif.GIF

Into The Hole

Sometimes all you have to do is go in your safety hole and get vacuumed into the infinite darkness

..whichever hole you prefer tho

This some random animation that I did while waiting for the food to cook. I haven't tried animation in Procreate in a while so figured to use the feature to not waste it lol. It's very easy to understand and just very easy to do in general. They made it so simple and I like it. :D

Hole process.PNG

The process is pretty straightforward, create drawings for each frame. It's 10 frames per second. It took me just probably 20 minutes tho as it's just a line lol.

Here's the video process as well:


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Great art work again 😁🙏🍻⁦✌️⁩

You can come up with something random and it still comes across as art of its own. What other inspirations can you have while waiting for other things?

I don't know, haha I guess I just have to train my mind on thinking like an artist that's why almost everything is art to me. Inspirations come so naturally to me as I tend to overthink things. And when I do think about ideas consciously, they just don't come.

Have you have those feelings that you're so excited to draw or paint but then looking at a blank canvas and realizing the paint dries with each moment you're not using it, then asking yourself, what am I supposed to create again? It's been a cycle of art blocks lately for me. I'm inspired to make something but that something just ghosts me as soon as I see the blank canvas.

Hmm, I haven't experienced that cos I always have sketches or studies first before I paint.. sometimes even research about the concept. It's also to not waste any paint when I'm about to use it.

Or if not sketches, I just write down what I want to draw/paint. Maybe you could try that?

Sounds like a plan, might try that do. I like to create images to whatever comes my mind while it's the opposite when I do other things. I like to have plans but when it comes to art I didn't realize how I do the opposite until you pointed it out. LeL.

Thanks for the advice! XD

Haha it works on some people, sometimes it doesn't. I like doing things simultaneously too but I think I work better with planning. Some also just do their best without planning, so experiment what works for you.

It's also I think you might be thinking of the expenses of the materials? I get that worry sometimes too (that I might regret using a color and waste my paint) so it's also one of the things you think of and blocks your mind as a result. This is also why planning works for me so I don't have to move forward and backwards etc lol

It's also cos you said this

but then looking at a blank canvas and realizing the paint dries with each moment you're not using it

So it is probably something that you worry about too much but aren't aware of or haven't thought much

It's both actually, the expenses of the physical materials and time it takes to go do it all. The amount of time I do something is more important than the cost of materials but both still matters. I could be reading some book, write something or watch something that could help me learn or be entertained. It's always like that when planning my time economics. I see value in the idea of planning but fear that it may limit creativity within a structured environment. Most of my sketches turn 360 midway and I end up happier with the end result than the preplanned output.

But those are just my experiences on the art journey. I haven't tried acrylic or oil paint, there's expensive water color, and colored pencils that I just waste a lot of sharpening haha. I'm happy that digital art would make my eco waste less but there's also nagging thing on my head that the watts are being counted as I do my thing. I'll just blame the evil spirit like some people I know would do to excuse their own flaws.

Nice art👍