I hate the ending, but It's perfect

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I realize I sound a bit stupid, but hear me out for a minute. I mean, all good things need to come to an end, and I was not expecting for Primal to continue forever like a DragonBall Z of sorts, but It felt a bit short for my media gluttony.


If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me tell you this much: Make plans to binge the show. To me, it's even better than Samurai Jack and that is saying something.

Purist hate

As with anything any artist does, there are always going to be people who hate "the product". I've read more than a few "critics" who hate the fact that the show is filled with historic inaccuracies, but I think that's missing the point altogether. As far as I know, Genndy Tartakovsky is not an educator, and when Dexter's Lab was in it's prime, nobody cared that tightening a bolt magically created robots.

So to those who might rob themselves of the opportunist of enjoying a great show after reading negative reviews, please feel free to ignore them.

But what about the ending?

Well to me, there was no way to end the story in a good note so to speak. After all, the whole idea, the world we are introduced to is the furthest thing from a Utopia.

I think Genndy knew, possibly from the start, that he was going to be true to his roots (Russian, in case it's not obvious) and send of a good story with bitter tears. Yes, it's a common thing in the ruski culture, and yes, I know first hand.

Knowing the background of the creator of this show, knowing the "no holds barred" approach of the animation, the theme itself, I can't say it surprised me, but it somehow still felt like a punch in the gut.

What I take from the end, or at least what I've convinced myself of, is that he won. Yes, he lost, but not really.

The selfish Gene

There's a book out there in the ethos that I'm forced to remember to make any sense of my ideas here. Written by Richard Dawkins many years ago.

The book proposes the idea that "The selfish gene" as it pertains to natural selection, is not about a group surviving, but the individual trying to secure the passing of his genetic code.

This is kind of why I say the main character won in the end.

Did I just spoil the show for you?

Maybe, but then again, I can't really help myself and this is my blog after all. All that being said, if you deny yourself from watching it because of my writtings then you are the one missing out in the end.

What are you waiting for?




Thanks for the heads-up; I'll give it a watch if I can find it :-) Just wanted to add that Richard Dawkins made a documentary in which he countered misinterpretations of "The Selfish Gene" called "Nice Guys Finish First":

In the opening scene, Richard Dawkins responds very precisely to what he views as a misrepresentation of his first book The Selfish Gene. In particular the response of the right wing for using it as justification for social Darwinism and laissez-faire economics (free-market capitalism).

You can watch it here

awesome... thanks for sharing i had no idea about this