It’s My One Year Anniversary On Steem! Cheers!!

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The last one year has been the best 365 days I’ve lived yet. After 13 days of waiting, chatting up @timcliff and @drakos to get my account registration approved (thanks again guys), the account @Lordjames was finally approved on this day a year ago and that began the journey of truly finding and living my purpose.

The last one year has been nothing but awesome. I've met people across the globe and have come to discover that people are not generally bad. I've participated in activities that made me think not just for myself and my love ones but for people I haven't met or know before. It has also been my one year full participation in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Steem brought my full potentials in community leadership. I have never seen anything as the gift economy on the Steem blockchain where you invest so you can have enough power to influence (upvotes) someone else.

How In heavens name did I end up here? Well, It's Jan 2018 and I have just returned to Abuja from the naval screening camp in Lagos. There's no way I was going to join the navy, I wanted something to do with my life just for the moment so I put a call through to my buddy and told him of the challenges I was facing. He told me about Steemit, I waved it away. But after two days I decided to take a look at what it is all about. After going through the internet for like ten minutes, my instinct told me 'this is it'. I trust my gut more than anything, the next day I moved from Abuja to Nasarawa state where I had another apartment and totally alone without distraction. And here I am today.

I want to specially thank @joshuaetim who introduce me to Steem. He guided me through my first few days on the platform and even supported me with 2gb worth of data when I was starting out. That's because he believed in me. IMG-20190110-WA0008.jpg I love you bru and I appreciate you eternally for this.

@prettyjules158, @iconnelly, @ewuoso, @mritsnobigdeal were the first set of guys I had interaction with during my first month here and in their little ways they have contributed to my journey here. Thanks guys. And my number one crypto financial advisor @honourmaus, you are loved.

When I joined Steem, I wasn't really a blogger and I thought I would not stay for long but I had a special connections to a few blogs that kept me here. @abh12345, @tarazkp, @timbo, @taskmaster4450. I don't know exactly what their blog did to me but I'm saying here that whatever you've been doing in this community, keep doing it.

And the big boys!! Where my true potentials on the blockchain came to play - the communities. It was like a dream when @surfyogi chatted me one night on discord and asked me to join him on WAfrica. Few days later, he asked I help direct affairs there. Thanks man!! I'm super grateful.

So my special appreciation today to the @WAfrica family. You guys have a special place in my heart and Lordjames does not forget. The more time I spend with you guys the more beautiful humanity appears to me.

In may I travelled to Uyo to have the first offline meeting for the Steemjet community, and then I met a set of beautiful friends. The Steemjet community has made Steem a fertile ground for many to pitch in their dreams on and off the blockchain. I'm proud to be part of Steemjet community. Things have not been perfect but we sure have learned a lot in the last one year and will only be better. JvFFVmatwWHRfvmtd53nmEJ94xpKydwmbSC5H5svBACH8141Kf4H3UNYyNgNUbJvNJRqnfKqKLkHWCLSM9ii4iBnErEYQdXqxGsQHxvfHTNJn4MbftPdreGCRPmHEDD7cC5KiCA2Tg (1).jpegJvFFVmatwWHRfvmtd53nmEJ94xpKydwmbSC5H5svBACH7y6qFBEoEsyUNxAwRwMrifNz8o2WyuaBd9LNG5JdhQc83BDRDuwTbaxboHiHDjjrbVL236Qf7AHV37SRJj5pMTJmVuBTz6 (1).jpeg

In all, the last one year is one I have no regrets what so ever. It was a great year, I met so many wonderful people, travel to places, made friends, found a sense of purpose and help made others smile.

My one year on Steemit! Through the rise and fall, the success and failures, the highs and lows, I'm proud of one thing - I lived every moment of it and left no regrets.

Another year ahead boys, Full Throttle…Full Speed Ahead! All aboard! Acceleration!


One of the few people who inspired me on steemjet.
Everyone was always busy asking for steem here and there but you just keep yourself on a plane ground.

Happy anniversary

Thanks man, I hope you always find the strenght to stay true to yourself.

Popular guy ;-)


And my favorite!


I WAS SO HAPPY when Etise said he would agree to lead our @wafrica community. I knew I had the guy, there was no question in my mind.

Meeting in person in Abuja was a great experience I will never forget. It is really rare to work with someone so likable and easy going, fun and trustworthy.

Thanks man for believing in me!! Let's do it over and over again.

joining steemit was one of the best thing that happens to me. I joined steemit August 2017. Without proper guidance I cross-post from my facebook page to steemit about three post which got flagged, hahaha.....! At that time my reputation move from 25-17. I got annoyed and left the platform for a while. But the hustling spirit and the urge of making stipends from it brought me back.

During my leave period, I joined a discord channel where I got to know the dos and don'ts on steemit. I also joined another group on whatsapp @africaunchained by @destinysaid. This two communities really re-branded my thinking, the reinforcement back to steemit is what you are all seeing now. My journey on steemit was epic.

Welcome man, let's keep the spirit alive.

Happy anniversary Jamie....and thank you for your encouragement whenever I feel low on here...The world will know your name Jamie....weldone man!

you know my name, atleast someone's world out there knows

@lordjames when we first chatted on telegram you were sweet and kind in words...

I'm glad to count you as one of my good friends on steemit.

Happy Anniversary Bro...

We should chat sometime again.

Such a fine lady, I'm glad me met Liz

Happy Anniversary bro. You've been an inspiration and helpful to me and many during your year so far on Steem.

Wishing you greater achievements, great man!

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My friend and neighbor from Cameroon. Long time

Happy steemversary dear! More achievements💞

Greater heights to us all. Keep pushing.

Happy anniversary bro, greater heights I pray..

What a great participator, thanks for hanging out

Happy Anniversary to you sir, it was a really nice opportunity crossing path with you on the chain. More years to come.

I'm glad I met you. It's been a long journey and I'm sure we'll make great exploit here.

Happy Anniversary to you man! You've been such an inspiration and a motivational tool for me on steemit. Thanks for being there. And I hope you get more great achievements in life. Kudos

Hey my Ibibio lady!! Quite a while. Great meeting you here.

I can’t find my name😒

Happy anniversary 😃

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But you can find your photo. Nwanu come and pay to have your name there.

Happy Anniversary bro. I'm happy to know you, you are indeed a leader. I still remember the first day we met, we were supposed to have a brief meeting that was not suppose to last for more than 5 minutes but we ended up discussing for hours about different things.


It's a privilege to know you bro, happy Anniversary once again.

Hey Bro, we should see sometime soon.

Yeah, we should

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You're welcome bro. And I love you too.
There is no way I would've kept this opportunity away from you, I knew this would be your thing.
Introducing Steemit to you is one of the most rewarding decisions I made in 2017, and I'm glad that it has paid off today. Happy anniversary, greater heights!

If you have anything you wish to tell me about your experience with me on Steemit, you can share it in the comments.

One of my best moments on Steemit is when I embarked on Charity project on Steemit called Products of Help Initiative (POHI). I discussed this first with you and thought of the possibility, you supported it. We went round public schools in different communities and different states distributing writing materials and sponsoring sewing of school uniforms for kids.
This is a redefining moment in my steemit journey, something I needed to engaged with to keep me on this platform at a point I felt I wasn't doing much.

And then that cause faced a serious financial challenge!

And I wasn't sure of moving forward again, then all of of sudden, Mitneb showed up from nowhere and donated 50 steem to that cause. It revived hope in me, it reminded me of the fact that angels still do exist here. That a fought cause for humanity is not a lost cause. Mitneb inspired me with first hand love and everything she ever did here for me. She made me stay!
Wherever she is, I will never forget her.

Though I brought you to this platform, something you might have considered as the Best thing I ever did for you but I guess that's the least thing I did for you. You made me stay too @lordjames.
You kept on supporting me in your own little ways. When I started my M.Sc program early last year and I wasn't frequent here anylonger, you called me at intervals and told me to keep posting at my spare time, even if it's pictures with stories and videos. You call me like my parents, even at odd hours to remind me of the opportunities here, that kept me going and I appreciate it a lot.

There's this quote I got from a movie I watched in the teenage years of my life, titled "Akeelah and the Bee". Here's the ending part of that quote...

...and as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do same."
Friends are such an important part of our lives and that's what this has been about so far. I'm one year and few weeks old here, and the journey here has been amazing, alongside with you my friend.

In all, I love you bro!! And Lordjames never forgets.

Congrats on your activities and connections, fellow @lordjames! :)
It was nice to meet you here and evolve together...
All the best and good luck in your future deeds! ;)

Thanks for the wishes

Happy one year anniversary small zaddy, you are a brother and a mentor to, thanks for you amazing in the community, wish you anotger great year ahead love you.

Thanks for being part of my first year here

Resteemed. Thanks for this @lordjames. May this day bring to you higher milestones in the days ahead. Happy steem birthday

Little by little, we'll build an empire.

I still can't forget your words of encouragement, you said "while you sleep, people are building houses online", that got me inspired to do more.

You have shown integrity, courage, and wisdom. You have led by example so Keep being the good leader that you are.

Cheers to your one year anniversary, the Steem community needs more peeps like you!

I only said some words. You attached the right meaning. Stay blessed

Happy one years celebration bro.. Wishing your stay a memorable one

thanks man, it's quite memorable

Happy Anniversary @lordjames. Our first meeting was awesome as your personality. Many more years here.

Hey Annie, I'm glad i met you.

Congratulations dear,it's amazing how much you have achieved just in a year, it's also being wonderful knowing you,keep being real!

More purchases this year and thanks for being a great friend. I wish I knew you back from Uyo.

Came and took everywhere. Happy anniversary bro

PDP people, dont mind him

Happy anniversary Lordjames.
I am really grateful to the Steemit community for getting to know you.
It has been fun knowing and having to work with you.
Congratulations on your one year anniversary.

Glad we crossed path, we'll make bigger exploit in 2019

hmmmmm.... can i say it all?

You are a great and loving guy...a true leader. You are one of those i wont cut off even if steemit is no where to be found someday. i appreciate you bro.... keep being you. Its amazing how you achieved so much under just one year, more blessings to you.

You owe me a complete dish when next i am in Abuja
stay blessed.

You know what I can do huh!! Sure you will have a good one.

Afang soup yeah? 😂

She knows what I can do.

Happy anniversary @lordjames, when i joined steemit it was like hell for me because i lack many things like blogging, putting things in order but here am i today, give thanks to God.

I'm always grateful to Him. Thanks

What can I say, happy anniversary to you, some people aren't really bloggers when they came here but they excelled, I wasn't really a cryptocurrency geek but I excelled to an extent, what I can say is that you've done so well really, well done and happy anniversary

Thanks man, you've really done well yourself. I like what you do and the passion you put in it.

Wow!!! The real lordjames himself, I'm always happy seeing you around in the community. You are one of the real guys out there.

It's a good thing knowing you.

Be good bro!!!

We shall celebrate you more.

Happy Sunday & Happy Anniversary.

Bless you too brother, we'll make names wherever we go.

@lordjames let me pour my heart immediately,you are a great and kind man.
Most times i wonder how you do it but i just simply know you were born to be awesome.
Thanks so much for staying on here and thanks so much for the many times you lifted me when i was down.
happy anniversary to you.

There have been many progress but I opened the account on Feb. 2018, I am very excited. @lordjames

I'm sure you've had a great time here. Keep building.

Happy one year anniversary dear, its been great knowing you thus far and I do appreciate you as a friend.

It's been a long journey with you and I appreciate every moment. Greater heights, I pray.

congratulations dear friend. It has been amazing knowing you. You are a wonderful leader.

Cheers to many more achievements. Happy Anniversary.

Glad I met you too

Thank you for everything sir. Since after steemcamp I came in contact with you, it's been a glorious journey. Happy anniversary sir.

The talented Eddie!! Greater heights awaits you. Live your dreams.

Thank you sir.

this is super awesome!! Really congrats for your project and for all the efforts you are making to spread the steem voice around ;)

And we'll still do more.

Happy Anniversary to us

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Happy anniversary @lordjames . I see your first year on Steemit was full of experiences, you made many friendships and whats more, helped many people. It is great what are you and Steemjet community doing. Good job, beautiful people!

Thanks for the encouragement!! Little by little, we do what we can.

Happy Anniversary to us @jingis07 and @lordjames

It's been a journey man.

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Don't stop shining brother.. The best is yet to come be that as it may!! Happy anniversary my steem mate!

We'll celebrate greater achievements.

Happy one year anniversary @lordjames your one year on this platform and community was a fruitful and fulfilled experience

THanks man, lets do it again

Happy anniversary to you @lordjames
You have been doing a great job.
I get inspired by your works ..
Happy anniversary sir

My oga lordjames, the man who promised to attend my wedding in 3/4 pants. Hahahaha, congratulations sir, better days ahead

I will still wear them. Thanks man

Happy anniversary bro, its nice for all been united through this special way, more steem and SBD to your wallet bro

Happy aniversary boss, you are one of those peoples they do motivate me when I just joined this community and my friend who introduced me back then gave me some username to be viewing their blog to know how to come back when I feel like giving up.

I hope u are still motivated thru the tough times

Happy anniversary @lordjames you've come a long way and I'm glad you've achieved alot. It's been fun being part of steemjet with you, I'm glad the way you organised the affairs there. Congratulations

greater days ahead for us all

Happy steem anniversary bro.. Keep it up.

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Happy anniversary bro....i wish success with more steem......thanks for you upvotes on

Is that Josoft?

Well steemit has been a tool in changing lives across the globe... And I appreciate the audience it gave me, for people to be able to see my writings and give feedback. It's also been a great learning tool for me

You can pitch any dream on the blockchain and you will always find people of like minds to appreciate your work. Thanks for stopping by.

Indeed. Thanks for your words too

Happy anniversary man,greater fruitful days ahead on steemit

Happy anniversary son of James. You showed character amidst so much irregularities. Posterity will sure count it for you. Keep being a good man. God bless you

Trials will come, we do what we have to do.

Happy birthday boss,

I wish you a plethora of God's Blessings, i didnt get the opportunity to meet with you,but the times we interacted,the love you poured on m was enormous.
Happy New Year too.

Hope to meet you someday

Happy Anniversary boss. You and I might have not had any direct connection, but you have helped me in time of need through a mutual friend. That, I have always kept in heart and using this opportunity to say thank you. Happy Anniversary once again, cheers! 🍻🍺🍻

Really!! great to hear that. Thanks man

Happy wedding anniversary. Have a bull run year ahead.

married to steem for a year, steem better be pregnant

Happy steemiversary bro.

My long time Indian buddy, thanks man

Happy anniversary, mate.

I wish 2019 will be a great year for you.


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I pray so too. Cheers.

Happy anniversary, bro. It was great knowing you.

If you have anything you wish to tell me about your experience with me on Steemit, you can share it in the comments.

I'll be one year old in few days too. Although, I don't plan making a post, but I think I should. I will. I've always hustled online, and I'm wondering how far I would have gone in the online world if Steemit wasn't included. The friends and knowledge I've gotten is enough to crown it a success. It has been tough, but we thank God.

Happy anniversary once again.

The coding geek guy, it's been great running things here. Let's make it better.

Great connecting with you bro

Greater heights man.

Amen 🙏🏻

Congratulations on making it to a year dude!

Thanks buddy, I'll still be here through it all.

it is good to know that you have been able to affect people's lives one way or the other. knowing you has made me understand that the Steem platform is the future of social media.

Happy Anniversary bro!

Akwa Ibom rapper, you will be discovered one day for your talent.

now that's what i'm talking about. thanks! success is for certain👌

Happy anniversary @lordjames you have started well and thanks to those guys that dragged you along. I got myself to steemit via google. I am not up to a year but I have learnt a lot. I wish you all the best. Cheers!!!!

Wow, you are one of the few who joined Steemit on their own. Very few just searched on Google and found Steem and remain this long.

Happy one year anniversary brother. I wish you more grace, wisdom and more height on your journey on steemit. Live long and see the fruit of your labour.

Amen, thanks for the wishes and I pray same to you.

A year on steemit that's a great achievement dear. Happy Anniversary wishing you the best on the steem blockchain.
And thanks for being a help to many on the blockchain

Remember the first day you called. Steem made that possible. Thanks for being a friend.

A very big congratulations to you boss, I so much love your journey across the steemit space in the midst of a year.

I will be celebrating my journey here too in few weeks to come.

Happy steemit anniversary.

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I happened to be at the right place at the right time. It's been a great one.

Happy anniversary brother, bigger you I pray

Lemme use this medium to follow you,so you're making africa and Nigeria and proud on the blockchain, that's cool bro

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Little by little, we contribute our quota.

Happy anniversary bro @lordjames....more wins more success

Thanks Jesse!! Hope to see you around soon.

Hmm, life on steemit have been a mixed feeling one but good and bad. Blogging and not getting the attention through upvote has been an issue through out my period on steemit.

With the dip on crypto has affected my payout. Getting low or nothing on post has make me stop blogging for a while. I hope to see a community to belong that can help on my post payout. Happy anniversary @lordjames

You can reach to me on discord, I'll look at your content.

Happy anniversary man. I was kinda shocked when I found out that you're just a year old here on steem.

With the way things have been working out for you and your wide knowledge about blockchain technology, one would think you've spent nothing less than 3 years on crytocurrency.

I will be marking my own anniversary soon, so na small thing you use senior me 😂😂

Hahahaha, it's small small we take waka o.

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Thanks for stopping by.

Wow so much done,the pictures showed all.
Greater Heights And Happy Anniversary Sweetie.. God bless you.

Hey Milady Eno, thanks for the blessings. Better days ahead.

Happy Anniversary @lordjames my encounter with you at SIN2 event was awesome! Awo mi😊
Greater heights!

The beautiful twinies on the blockchain. Sure greater heights ahead. Thanks

Happy Steemversary @lordjames. Wishing you greater exploits this year. I learnt one or two things from you when you were hosted on naijapidgin show. You look quiet but do have lot of wise words to say. Have a great year.

Thanks man, I sure hope we'll have an encounter someday soon enough.

"You look quiet but do have a lots of wise words to say' can say that again!


Happy steemversary to you.
I admire your strength and consistency....


Hey Vhe!! Great knowing you right from my first week here. Thanks

Congratulations @lordjames!
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Happy Anniversary bro,youve helped me and my brothers in ways we cant imagine.

Remain blessed.