My Hivewatchers blacklist. My apology to the Hive community

in #apology7 months ago (edited)

What I have been avoiding since I join the platform have finally caught up with me, since I join the platform, have always try my best not to go again the platform rules especially in plagiarism and always make my post 100% original, I don't like been inactive on the platform so I always try my best to make content once a day since I do blog about the game aspect of hive and some community challenge. Few weeks ago, I was too occupied and had to employ someone to fill in my space for the time been, had no idea it was AI based content since non-plagiarism checker/grammar site I do make use of couldn't point it out. The comment I received about having AI content yesterday took me my surprised and I had to join the discord appeal group to find out what is going on how to solve the issues at hand.

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I'm here fully apologizing to the whole hive community AI generated content aren't allow and I take the responsibility for it, Nothing of such will ever happen again. I have always write in my own words even before the ai came into place and I wont want this to tarnish my work here on hive. I wish my appeal is been considered


we have to learn to use it as a tool, and with it comes a lot of experimentation

I think using as a tool or experimentation is been frown against and isn't allowed. The best is to abstain from it