An interesting change can be made with a small click.

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Hello friends. Hope you feel good.

Yesterday, I chose one of my and my husband's photos to make some small edits in the photo using the options available in the camera gallery.

I also put the original photo among the photos.

Not all options for editing this photo are interesting. But I like some of them.

After opening the photo on the phone, select the edit option, which is a small pencil, ### and start making changes to the photo.

One of these options is to rotate the photo, this photo does not need to be rotated.

The second option is three small circles inside each other.

I have selected this option for editing.

This option is for dimming the photo.

A preview of the change is visible below the photo.

We can choose whichever we like.

By increasing or decreasing the amount of light from the bottom of the photo, we can save any changes we like.

These changes are much more beautiful in nature-related photographs.Of course, I also liked some of these changes.

Screenshot_20220204-203117_Photo Editor1.jpg

Screenshot_20220204-203040_Photo Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20220204-203054_Photo Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20220204-203058_Photo Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20220204-203105_Photo Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20220204-203111_Photo Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20220204-203117_Photo Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20220204-203122_Photo Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20220204-203128_Photo Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20220204-203134_Photo Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20220204-203141_Photo Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20220204-203148_Photo Editor.jpg