My Sand Progressive Web App with Steem Engine Nittous inside. SAND APK (thanks to ...

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... andromo) available at and you can access the web app here

@weedcash can also have a progressive web app from andromo free and have weedcash users access to the blockchain and telegram chats discords newdex trading all in browser using the progressive web app WHICH we can even apply for free to be added to Play Store or Apple iOS app store. We could have a weedcash app with built in steemconnect login already so you can login and do wallet transactions even soon buy weedcash with btc using EOSBTC EOSBTC Depositing BTCP BTCP steem engine. Soon you will be able to deposit money into your Monaco debit card and get eos and buy weedcash and SAND or you'll be able to sell weedcash or SAND SAND APX for eos and sell on Monaco card . Soon we can even use EOSDT as EOSDTP stable coin on steem to send USD to each other and I even have plans for SBD to become SBDP and EOS SBDP to pump to new levels as SBD cannot be hold only at one dollar when it should be free to soar as the low supply token it is. Sbd will represent steem on newdex along with STEEMP and its low supply will be enticing for eos investors

Notice the NordVPN ads by Andromo? We could even PAY like 1 dollar a month? And remove the ads and place our OWN ADS which can buy eos or steem weed or SAND or APX and burn just like @aggroed does for steem-engine tribes

You can already have a free mobile app for your steem tribe.


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Oh what! A free mobile app! That's awesome!

Amazing idea of the post