As if Julie wasn’t intimidating enough already... Our lovable adventurers will soon ...

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... get a glimpse into a sinister future... Okay, “soon” is a relative term! I’ve got lots of work to do. Just doing a bit of concept sketching before resuming production work on issue number one for the evening. 50% of the fun of drawing comic pages is the hours spent thinking of cool shit to come! The other 50% breaks down between music, snacks, and cats cuddling your legs. Since the crew of “I Thought It Would Be Zombies...” will see the future, it’s only fair you all get a sneak peek of their sneak peek. Follow along for more precognitive abilities!


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Excellent (rather creepy) work! (I approve of creepy, of course!!!)

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Creepy is good! The haunting scene I have in mind will also feature plenty of blood cover... 🤭

Good to hear it is fun as it looks like a lot of work. Just coming up with the ideas seems hard enough, but being able to make them happen must be cool.

@bryan-imhoff, Looks like through the Tool Of Art you are creating imaginary Mythological Characters. Keep up with your awesome work and stay blessed.

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I love sneak peeks and hopeful previews and also get all the work in getting creative stuff both started, going, and continuing onwards. It's an odd ole' job, creative world, eh?

Happy Christmas !

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