For four months, once a month, I travel to the North of my tiny country by train, ...

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... a three hour journey, one direction. I joined a course in ‘Felting’ here, adding to the knowledge I already gained from Youtube and Pinterest. Five weeks ago was the first of four of these journeys, today is the second. Where I had only a vague notion of the Corona Virus last time, I realize that today I’m very aware of it. I checked if there was some hand sanitizer for sale but of course it wasn’t anymore. People are already stocking up, especially in shops on train stations I would guess. I’m trying to be more aware of the surfaces I touch, and started correcting myself when I touch my face - this might be the best thing to do in order to prevent infrction, next to washing your hands 20 seconds or longer with soap. Anyway, I’m not panicking, just feeling aware, and my monthly journey to The North will be my anchor in experiencing how Corona will evolve in my country. From journey 1 to journey 2 I evolved from vaguely aware to slightly cautious. I think Felting is great for my health in more ways than one: tomorrow I’ll basically have my hands in hot water and soap all day long.


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Great advice! Hot water, soap and friction.

I don't like the massive spread of sanitizer. I love it when done by medical people and food handlers, but for the rest of us? Not so much. Sanitizer only kills germs not bacteria. I think it gives people a 'safety feeling' that is false.

Anyway, enjoy the class AND the trip. I know you love to travel...