Archdruid Gaming Contest | Gaming Decades: The 2000's - Total Prize Pool: 35 STEEMs!!! | THE WINNERS!!!

Welcome to the 2000s !
Did you guys remember the panic of Y2K? :O

We are now in the new millennium! Gaming, apparently, has solidified itself from its humble roots as something more than just ‘children’s hobbies’ and more and more gamers are creating the modern gaming culture, lingo, standards, and legends. This round will be the second to last in the current themed contests, so let’s not stand on ceremonies and get right down to it!

This particular round only a very chaotic spoder is judging because the dragon has been attacked by a sudden and malicious enemy known the entire world wide as kings of monsters, the bane of humankind, the worst of all game bosses….. a.k.a “COMPUTER SAYS NO” ….!!! Oh no!

translation: his pc dieded . __ .!!!
and, that's the reason why this post has ZERO awesome gifs x__x

ANYWAY, so things are left to a spoder’s devices! :screaming emoji:

First Things First !

Firstly, we want to thank all the participants! Every blogging platform that achieves success rides on the shoulders of good contents and so, we appreciate the time and effort and talent that you have contributed with :) THANK YOU so much for helping to make #gaming and #archdruid a lively and thriving community in Steemit :)

You are all AWESOME \o/

We had a total of TWENTY entries this time around !!! This is three less than the last round, but !!!!!!! BUT?

BUT SIX out of the participants in this round are NEW authors to the #gaming community!

That’s SUPER! :D :D :D

On that note, without further ado, here are ALL the twenty entries :) Winners will be announced straight after!

Those that Heed the Call

@arjendesign (3 entries) - Goombella Animation Loop | #RemasterThousandYearDoor | Vivian Animation

@dlstudios (2 entries) - Digimon World 2 – This is a Terrible Game and I Love it | Final Fantasy X - Retro Review

@Enjar - Eve Online | The Good Old Days Of POS Bashing

@faffy - Did somebody say…? | Archdruid gaming contest, Gaming Decades: The 2000's

@freddbrito - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Follow the damn train, CJ!!

@kaelci (2 entries) - Titan Quest ~ A Trip Down Memory Lane | The Guild 2: Renaissance - a short story for the #archdruid-contest!

@loreshapergames (3 Entries) - Avernum: The First Game I Loved | Great Games: Morrowind | Escape Velocity: Nova and Bittersweet Games History

@lunaticpandora - My First MMO: Mu Online

@melooo182 - Throwback of a Throwback: My dark past as a video game modder...🤓🕹📀

@rainite - Archdruid Contest Entry: 20 Haiku About 20 Games From the 2000s

@tesmoforia (2 Entries) - 🎮 [Retro Game] - ✨ 🏆 💃 PART 1: The (unforgettable) "Dance Dance Revolution" Age (1999/2019) 🏆 💃 ✨ / @Archdruid Gaming Contest [Gaming Decades: The 2000s] 💕 👌 - By: @Tesmoforia | 🎮 [Retro Game] - ✨ 🎼 💃 PART 2: The (unforgettable) "Dance Dance Revolution" Age (1999/2019) 🎼 💃 ✨ / @Archdruid Gaming Contest [Gaming Decades: The 2000s] 💕 👌 - By: @Tesmoforia

@thilah - Comic|Fanart(s): Duck The Lawyer

@zero-kaima - 🌄🎮👾Archdruid Gaming Contest | Gaming Decades: The 2000's: MINECRAFT! - My Entry @zero-kaima 🌄🎮👾


First Prize: 10 STEEMs Runner Ups (x2): 5 STEEMs (each) Honorable Mentions (x5): 2 STEEMs (each)
Total Prize Pool: 30 Steems
And now, let’s unveil the Winners! :D :D :D
there will be additional prizes tho, spoiler alert!

Winners’ Announcement

Honourable Mentions:

@tesmoforia \o/
Amazing SUPER LONG article that had to be submitted in TWO epic parts ! – 2 STEEMs to @tesmoforia !

@Enjar \o/
I love this article ! I love EVE ! What a great entry :D !!! – 2 STEEMs to @Enjar !

@ArjenDesign \o/
New participant ! Multi talented author, two out of three of Arjen’s entries are animated artworks! – 2 STEEMs to @ArjenDesign !

@dlstudios \o/
A veteran gaming author, and so it was not a surprise to me when one of his two entries got curated by OCD! And the other article? A great post about how sometimes we love terrible games XD – 2 STEEMs to @dlstudios !

@freddbrito \o/
Great article :D Funny and well written aaaaaaaand now I wanna go back to GTA XD – 2 STEEMs to @freddbrito !

Runner Ups

@thilah \o/ \o/
New participant ! AMAZING fanart of an iconic game, I love the anime style and colours ! Process included in the post, too, check it out! – 5 STEEMs to @thilah !

@loreshapergames \o/ \o/
ALL THREE ENTRIES ARE AMAZING * ___ * Really, one of Steemit’s powerhouse authors when it comes down to gaming articles <3 The Avernum post made my day, to be honest ! – 5 STEEMs to @loreshapergames !


@kaelci \o/ \o/ \o/
New participant ! And what a splash for jumping into the fray ! Both @kaelci’s entries are INCREDIBLE, the one on Titan Quest resonated with me a lot since I actually played that game a fair bit but the original fiction @kaelci wrote on The Guild 2 is simply SPECTACULAR !!!

10 STEEMs to @kaelci !!!

…. But wait, there’s more!

To be honest, it has been VERY hard to pick the winners this round because everyone’s so awesome :3

So, a spoder has decided that in a world where authors’ earnings are reduced from before the latest HardFork, that a spoder will try to do more to ensure that quality content generators will continue to be supported :D

So here are additional prizes :D :D :D

@Rainite – 1 STEEM … for gorgeous collection of haikus! I laughed and laughed so hard~
@Faffy – 1 STEEM … absolutely incredible post! Curated by Curie! Amazing <3
@melooo182 – 1 STEEM … really cool to know there’s a modder in melo’s past :D
@zero-kaima – 1 STEEM … a very nice entry from a new participant! I hope to get to know @zero-kaima better in the future and to support them :D
@LunaticPandora – 1 STEEM … because of Discord in-joke and also thank you for entering :D


And, that concludes our presentation for @archdruid's Gaming Era 2000s contest' results!!! Again, thank you, everyone, who participated and spectated :) We hope you all had fun~ We certainly did, and we look forward to launching the next contest to celebrate the decade that was 2010 to THE PRESENT TIME in gaming!!! The funds will be transferred in the near future by @veryspider, and as usual, if there's any feedback or comments or cakes, feel free to leave your inputs in the comments section below :)

ps. the prize pool will be embiggened in the next round, which is also the last round in this theme, so! STAY TUNED!!!



Oooooooh!! Thank you so much! 😁 and a giant congratulations to everyone!! ✨✨✨


Alexandria von Kael is pleased that despite the Devious, Debaucherious Domburgers lurking outside her glorious church, setting fire to her various holdings, and refusing all avenues of diplomacy, she had the last laugh. May their dynasty Rest in Pieces in her husband's graveyard forevermore. xD

you are a genius, a true genius !

THANK YOU for being so AMAZING <33333333

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Gratz to all the winners. Great entries!

Enjarrrrrrr \o/ Loved your EVE online article so much !!!

That was really fun, thank you for holding the contest and huge congratulations to the winners! :) It's definitely thanks to communities like this one that I feel inspired to write more.

Thanks for entering, Arjen :D !!! Hope to see more Arjen's entries also in the next round :D

Thank you! I really had a good time writing my post. Congratulations to all.

Thank you for entering, Freddo! Hope you will participate in the final round, too :D :D :D

I will try to participate, although as you know, I usually play only retro video games, but from time to time I play something current. I'll see what to do, I have some in mind.

Congrats to the winners. I wish I took part but I kind of forgot this contest was still taking place.

Waiting for 2010s announcement!

YES, please! Join the 2010s! It's the last round!!!!

Congrats to the winners and thank you for choosing me as runner up!!! I really hope to be able to make an entry for the upcoming 2010s contest wish my body didn't decide to get sick right when I'm back from my trip

It is good to see amazing entries from the others, Congrants to the winners!
Thank you for the consolation prize ! n_n
Perhaps I lacked in fun, I wanted to keep everything as original as possible but I enjoyed writing my entry. :)
It was a great topic contest :3