Archdruid Gaming Contest | Gaming Decades: The 90's - Total Prize Pool: 30 STEEMs!!! | THE WINNERS!!!

that's what people used to say in the 90s, right?

Whew! The 90s! What a decade it must have been, with glorious and legendary things happening for gaming, both in terms of gaming contents and also for gaming tech ! Apparently, the controller had a revolutionary leap in the 90s ! you're talking about the N64 controller, right? Yeah, that shit was made for aliens! How about that ! Apparently, there were games without the SAVE GAMES feature back when ??!?!?!?! It sounds like something that can't possibly be real to a spider????????????????? But people swear up and down and left and right that the 90s was a HUGE decade.... H U G E !

Sure, sure.

Anyway, a dragon and a spider met somewhere dark and secret, exchanged meaningful glances, whispered forbidden words, and scuffled. Mostly scuffled. At the end of the epic scuffling: a JOYFUL result! We have WINNERS to be announced for the third @archdruid contest in 2019!!!

this is a word, im not kidding

Firstly, we want to thank all the participants! Every blogging platform that achieves success rides on the shoulders of good contents and so, we appreciate the time and effort and talent that you have contributed with :) THANK YOU so much for helping to make #gaming and #archdruid a lively and thriving community in Steemit :)

You are all AWESOME \o/

We had a total of TWENTY THREE entries this time around !!! The numbers keep growing !!! NOTHING STOPS THIS TRAIN !!!!!!!!!!!


On that note, without further ado, here are ALL the twenty-three entries :) Winners will be announced straight after!

Those that Heed the Call

@ahmadmanga - Gaming Decades: The 90's | The Playstation

@airiam - Gotta catch 'em all - { Gaming in the 90's }

@bembelmaniac - ARCHDRUID Contest

@bengy (3 Entries) - LAN Parties (Gaming in the '90s Contest Entry) | Utopia (Gaming in the '90s Contest Entry) | X-Com: UFO Defense (Gaming in the '90s Contest Entry)

@dlstudios - Aspect Analysis – Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen and a Truly Fantastic Morality/Ending System.

@enjar (2 Entries) - Gaming Decades The 90s | Collectible Card Games | Gaming Decades The 90s | StarCraft

@freddbrito (2 Entries) - Pokemon Blue: Gotta catch them all! | Resident Evil and my little introduction to survival horror

@ibsem - The beginning of the Saga - Pokemon! (1996) "Catch them now!"

@jesusmedit - Archdruid Gaming Contest Veryspider pro-skater 1 STEP BY STEP+GIF

@loreshapergames (3 Entries) - Doom: The First Great Shooter? | The 90's: Decade of the RPG | The Joy of Total Annihilation

@rainite - Archdruid Contest Entry | Some of the Most Important '90s Games for Me

@tesmoforia (2 Entries) - 🎮 [Retro Game] - ✨ 💀 💿 ORIGINAL CD (and it works!): Blood Omen, Legacy of Kain (1997) 💿 💀 ✨ / @Archdruid Gaming Contest [Gaming Decades: The 90s] 💕 👌 - By: @Tesmoforia. | 🎮 [Retro Game] - ✨ 👽 🔫 Cosplay Closet: Julie, of "Zombie Ate My Neighbors" 🔫 👽 ✨ / @Archdruid Gaming Contest [Gaming Decades: The 90s] 💕 👌 - By: @Tesmoforia.

@theexperimentor - (throwback) ok, so here's some memory of 90's games...

@wiseagent (3 Entries) - MORTAL KOMBAT: The world of fighters like you've never seen before! | SONIC: A wild and fun race to save the world! | TOP GEAR: Who is ready for a crazy ride?


First Prize: 10 STEEMs Runner Ups (x2): 5 STEEMs (each) Honorable Mentions (x5): 2 STEEMs (each)
Total Prize Pool: 30 Steems
And now, let’s unveil the Winners! :D :D :D

Winners’ Announcement

Honourable Mentions:

@ahmadmanga Gaming Decades: The 90's | The Playstation

Great mention on controller improvements in this decade :) - 2 Steems to @ahmadmanga!

@airiam Gotta catch 'em all - { Gaming in the 90's }

Really wonderful, the selection of the songs are great, and we looooooove the personal touches that @airiam touched in the article we were touched! - 2 Steems to @airiam!

@rainite Archdruid Contest Entry | Some of the Most Important '90s Games for Me

A new challenger in this round ! We loved this post ! The personal experiences give so much personality to the post and the haikus are amazing XD - 2 Steems to @rainite!

@wiseagent MORTAL KOMBAT: The world of fighters like you've never seen before!

Really nice review on an iconic gaming title * ___ * it was TOASTY!!! - 2 Steems to @wiseagent!

@enjar Gaming Decades The 90s | StarCraft

You can feel @enjar's passion from miles away for StarCraft ! Amazing ! Too bad he is a filthy Terran/Toss D: we name you honorary Korean - 2 Steems to @enjar!

Runner Ups

@bengy X-Com: UFO Defense (Gaming in the '90s Contest Entry)

Really good article on X-COM! Amazing write up, the images are super nostalgic, and the personal experience of what life was like when @bengy was hit by this game was a great close to this wonderful article :D - 5 Steems to @bengy!

@loreshapergames The Joy of Total Annihilation

Amazing post on Total Annihilation, really well written, with great video links and images, and always super well researched :) A delight ! - 5 Steems to @loreshapergames!


@tesmoforia 🎮 [Retro Game] - ✨ 👽 🔫 Cosplay Closet: Julie, of "Zombie Ate My Neighbors" 🔫 👽 ✨ / @Archdruid Gaming Contest [Gaming Decades: The 90s] 💕 👌 - By: @Tesmoforia.

Another new contender to the #gaming scene and also hands down our favorite entry for this round ! @tesmoforia brings so much personality and a burst of exciting marriage between gaming and the creative sphere of cosplaying :D Gorgeous post with great images of both the cosplay photography and the game that it was from why didn't you mentioned the gif's, the gif's are important !!!! 10 Steems to @tesmoforia! \o/


And, that concludes our presentation for @archdruid's Gaming Era 90s contest' results!!! Again, thank you, everyone, who participated and spectated :) We hope you all had fun~ We certainly did, and we look forward to launching the next contest to celebrate the decade that was 2000 to 2010 in gaming!!! The funds will be transferred in the near future by @elfranz, and as usual, if there's any feedback or comments or cakes, feel free to leave your inputs in the comments section below :)



Wow, such a solid list of great entries! Congrats to everyone who placed our just put in an entry! Thanks to the judges for their hard work!

Looking forward to the next decade

Thank YOU for entering and sharing your awesome moments from the 90s !!!!

I hope we will see more bengys in the next round!!! 2000 to 2010!!!

Honorary Korean status accepted. My actions per minute increase from 33 to over 9000!


I hope to see non-containable honorary korean enjar in the next decade, too :D

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Congratulations to all.

The next contest the 2000? maybe? e.e


I was anxiously awaiting for the results, since I really wasn't sure of what this are likeable and what not to Steemit Gamer Community (I was completely sure to get "behind the ambulance" xDDD), but now I see that possibilities are infinite, that there's a lot to count to and how receptive you are with entwined topics ///)u///

I'm so happy to be able to participate; thank you so much for the chance and for doing things full of so much love @archdruid, @elfranz, and @veryspider!

[Oh yes, give me those sexy Steem, yes baby]

💕 I loved the contest, and I will definitely participate again next time! 💕

💘 Thank you so much for choosing me! ! ! 💘


Ouch. I never even knew there's such a contest. Ah busy busy me. Would have loved to join.

Congratulations to the winners!

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Oooh nice! That's a lot of entries. It seems like you guys are gonna need more judges (or time) in the next one. Looking forward to it.
Also, congrats for the winner! ^^

Good game, well played.

Bom dia!

I realize I'm late to the party - learnt about your contest today via @veryspider - but I felt you might want to take a look at my 1990s gaming posts, to go on yet another trip through memory lane;>)

If you visit the following page, there's 8 links to 1990 gaming posts as well as one to 1980 PC games.

Feel free to skip through them. I realize that time is a valuable asset.

Have a great day,