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Woo w this is a nice photography

The cyclist really compliment the background. Thumbs up from me

rumah yabg bagus dan menarik sekali

Good post @shourai follow and upvotes @putriphonna

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Thank You! ⚜

hi,@shourai my name ika please help upvote photos in my steemit @ikamawarni. thanks

thank's friand! upvoted too you!

Nice place shourai...☺☺ wish i could go there!

Perfect snapshot.. Is this a power house or a refinery I guess.. Good job!!

woah :)

nice shoot, great work @shourai

Nice Vision bro.

satisfactory result @shourai and followback :)

Passing bike made a pretty good impact, @shourai. Thanks for the upvote. Here's mine.

great moment... iam so like it

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good pic

Is this a factory for production?

Beautiful picture, someday I want to learn how to take good pictures.

nice post pliss followand upvotw @nazirgaming

Hee wat leuk om hier ook eens een keer een andere Nederlander te zien! Is Steemit een beetje bekend in jou omgeving?

the guy on bicycle just added himself as a filter of pic. Indeed a great combination and cool click. Impressive dude

Thanks for following me, I just followed you back. Nice photography. Would you mind giving me an upvote as a witness then type @doctorvee and upvote. Thanks

Great Post...Keep it up

Thanks you vote my post

Nice Bike

follow me

Your pic looks so clean, i like it

Nice win!!