Wat Huay Pla Kang, one of the beautiful temples in Chieng Rai province, in the North of Thailand

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If you are the one who loves art and architecture, you would love "Wat Huay Pla Kang". It is situated in Chieng Rai province, in the North of Thailand, the same province of Wat Rong Suea Ten, as advised by my previous post, https://hive.blog/architecture/@tangmo/wat-rong-suea-ten-one-of-the-popular-tourist-destinations-in-chieng-rai-province-in-the-north-of-thailand.

The architectures, the sculptures, and the paintings in this temple are magnificent.

The most remarkable building is the 9-story chedi named “Phob Chok Thammachedi” which has Chinese-Lanna-style architecture. (Lanna - Norththern part of Thailand) Its shape looks amazing and unique. The red roofs are gorgeous and can make the Chedi looks more fascinating.

This chedi is surrounded by small pretty golden chedis at the base. Very attractive!

If you can notice, there are many small dignified dragons on the roofs and the huge ones on both sides of the stairs.

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Another highlight of this temple is the giant white sculpture of Bodhisattva (or Kuan Yin - the Chinese goddess of mercy) which can be seen from distance and from the plane if the sky is clear.

Very marvelous and looks sacred!

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The white stairs with giant dragons at both sides are sparklingly beautiful and impressive.

Wat Huay Pla Kang1.jpg

The white building in the 1st and below photo and the one in the last photo (viharn - the main building) are marvelous. The huge Nagas on both sides of the stairs are dignified and amazing. You will also see many small Nagas decorating on the roof as well.

Wat Huay Pla Kang8.jpg

It’s believed that if you visit this temple, you will go to heaven…..

Yeah! That would mean you will have peace in mind while you are in the temple.

In the meantime, apart from the beauty of arts and architecture, I also love that this temple is located on the hill. The surrounding view is stunning and spectacular.

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Um! Plenty of wonderful clouds in the photos are also my favorite..., as you may know! ;))))

If you visit Chieng Rai, I would recommend you to visit Wat Huay Pla Kang.

p.s. These photos came from my sister who visited this temple recently.


Wow! I had no idea there are new big temples in the north of Thailand!!
This means people are really seeking help from Buddhism for more peaceful life. It seems more people are seeking spiritual meanings nowadays.

Would be nice to have a trip to the north one day!!


There are many new big temples in the north of Thailand indeed. Yeah! You are very lucky that some of your friends are staying there. I think it's time for you to visit them soon.....

Many thanks for your nice comment and for stopping by. ;)

I would love to travel to Chiengmai one day! It would be nice in the winter months. But I have too much to catch up with at the moment!


Yeah! I totally agree with you! I love to go there in the winter months due to the nice weather, too. I hope you can travel to Chiengmai one day! ;)