Wat Rong Suea Ten, one of the popular tourist destinations in Chieng Rai province, in the North of Thailand

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Most temples in Thailand are well-known because of the beauty of arts and architecture. If you visit Thailand, you will see temples almost everywhere. As from my several posts in the past, you already saw some samples of the beautiful temples. Today, I would like to show you another new temple named "Wat Rong Suea Ten".

This temple is situated in Chieng Rai, in the North of Thailand. It’s famous and considered as one of the popular tourist destinations due to its unique beauty.

The meaning of the name of this temple is as follows:

Wat means temple

Rong means channel or creek

Suea means tiger

Ten means dance

It’s said that many tigers lived in this area in the past.

The buildings, especially the “viharn” (the main building of the temple), have magnificent architecture and wonderful arts.

The colors of the buildings are outstanding and very attractive; i.e. they were painted with the blue color shade, that looks like the bright sky, contrasting with the golden color. These make the buildings look more fascinating. (it’s believed that blue is the color of Dharma - the teaching of the Lord Buddha.)

So, it is well-known as the "Blue Temple".

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As advised before, "Naga" plays an important role in Buddhism. Most temples in Thailand have "Naga" sculptures as decoration.

And these two "Nagas" at both sides of the stairs are very gorgeous.

They are really huge and look dignified. Besides, they have vivid curves that look fantastic.

Wat Rong Suea Ten.jpg

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In the following photos, you will see the sculptures of animals in the Buddhist stories around the “viharn” and on the roof.

They are all amazing.

The small golden and blue Chedi (or pagoda) that you can see in the far distance is marvelous.

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Wat Rong Suea Ten1.jpg

The below huge white images of the Buddha are magnificent and look outstanding among the blue statues.

In the photos, you will also see the lotus and the Dhammajak which are ones of significant symbols in Buddhism.

Wat Rong Suea Ten7.jpg

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I bet that if you are the ones who love arts and architecture, you would love this temple, for sure.

P.s. These photos were from my sister’s recent trip to Chiang Rai. It's unfortunate that it rained on that day, so the photos are not bright..... So sorry for this!


Wat Rong Suea Ten temple very similar to some of Sri Lankan tamil kovils. But bigger differences with architecture. In our country I couldn't see dragon symbol. But Thailand temple's has many dragons and lotus flowers. The Buddha statue very clever and nice to see it. I like blue and yellow color combination here. Nice images under the rained.

I much appreciate your nice comment and for your stopping by.

It's great to know that this temple is very similar to some of Sri Lankan Tamil kovils. As far as I know, the dragon symbol came from the Chinese belief, so some Thai-Chinese temples in Thailand have the dragon images. In the meantime, the ones in this temple are called "Nagas" (giant serpent), it's from our Thai belief.

I'm happy that you like the blue and yellow color combination and the images under the rained. Me, too! ;)

That’s a very interesting temple!
A lot of blue colour!!

Many thanks for your nice comment! I'm glad that you found this temple interesting. Yeah! A lot of blue colour makes this temple look unique. ;)

Muy bonitas todas las fotos están bien tomadas, ademas gracias por la información importante que nos has aportado, feliz día.

Thank you very much for your nice comment and for visiting my blog.

I'm happy to know that you like the photos and found this temple interesting.

Many thanks for your kind wishes! Have a wonderful day, too! ;)

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