The Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong

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Every year the Affordable Art Fair is hosted in Hong Kong at the Convention Center in Wan Chai. It features booths of galleries from all around the world that exhibit and sell modern artists' work. The AAF also takes place in other cities around the world.


I was there with @nissakauppila, who had some of her works showing there. I took tons of pictures, enjoy! If you're wondering about the artwork in my pictures, visit the website and with a little sleuthing(I believe in you!), you can probably find the booth and artist info.



Here's the view from the convention center out over the bay:


Here's Nissa and her works with her Singapore gallery folks...



and then a bunch of other art...








I loved this little guy...






and there was so much more. Check out their website. Also, one sponsor I donated to that was at the fair was HK Joyful Foundation for children with mental health issues. Here's their website:


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wow thats some nice artworks you got on camera :)

There was so much there it was quite amazing

I believe you right away.. here in Budapest there's a lot of art galeries and museums too, have to go there, didn't visit one yet.. love art!

Can't believe I missed this event when I was there! The only "not-so-affordable" one I remember doing was Art Basel (which looks very similar and is held in the same venue). This looks brilliant.
Thanks for the little artistic trip (and what's with the harbour still being under construction?! It's taking them an eternity!)

Hey there! Well they call it affordable but let's just say I didn't buy anything ;-) Yeah I don't think HK will finish until the harbor is completely filled in. sad.

Not much left of it that's for sure. So strange to look at 1960's photos of the city and to see how much it has changed since.
I wonder what crazy new things we'll be seeing once they finish the bridge connecting HK to Macau...

It'll be interesting I'm sure

Amazing collection of art they have over there. I am absolutely in love with the painting of the red cloth dancing in the wind.

yeah that artist had a few he's very popular

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