1935 King George V ~ Stamps of Canada

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~ Monument to Champlain ~
Canadian Rockies or Canadian Stamps? Well for today, let’s look at some stamps that were issued in 1935 to commemorate the silver anniversary of King George the fifth. Stamp denominations are: 1 cent, 2 cent, 3 cent, 4 cent, 5 cent, 8 cent, 10 cent, 13 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, and 1 dollar.


~ Parliament Buildings ~


~ Niagara Falls ~


~ Confederation Conference ~


~ Royal Canadian Mounted Police ~


~ King George V ~ 8 cents ~


~ King George V ~ 5 cents ~


~ King George V ~ 4 cents ~


~ King George V ~ 3 cents ~


~ King George V ~ 2 cents ~


~ King George V ~ 1 cent ~


Are these among the more common finds, or old and rare enough to be significant collectibles?

These ones would be somewhat common, that being said, we are only talking about a thousand dollars or so in worth.

A thousand is nothing to sneeze at, even if they're only Canuckistani Pesos.

Probably, about $800 in US doll hairs.

Yeah, 801 bucks

I mean, 802 smackers

803 continental greenbacks

Damn this inflation. $804? I estimate parity by noon tomorrow.

Inflation is out of control up here in the great white north.

It's a race to the bottom!

These stamps are in excellent condition. Congratulations for your stamp collection.

I really like them. Thanks

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Those would be fun stamps to collect.

I love stamps, so I have been admiring yours. I am not a collector, but, I have tins and tins of stamps. always buy a sheet of the ones I like. When I was growing up, I bought stamps from all over celebrating 1976. I was smitten with them and have been buying them here and there.

It's quite addictive!

I was a collector when I was a kid. Sort of dropped it, then picked it up again as an adult, just lately.

I didn't even realize I was, which isn't considered collecting because the value isn't really a factor, and yet, I am accumulating.

Gosh, I hope that was understandable. :)

The 1976 stamps I collected weren't until the 80's - but the beauty of the stamps and their significance of them was love at first sight. :) I find myself gathering some once again. :)

No collecter, but, I do love some stamps.

It can be addicting.

Where do you get all these coo stamps?

Mostly from our local dealers.