Discover Mr.Doodle - An Incredible Doodle Artist Currently Blowing Up With His New Video

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I normally don't make reviews, or into endorsing anyone 😁, but I've discovered a while back (yesterday) an artist, a little bit by accident, and my first thought was that this should be shown all around the world as a testimony oh his craft, so here is my post about Mr.Doodle, the most succesful doodle artist in the world.


Do you remember when you got bored in math class, and without even realizing you were drifting away, forgetting about everyone around you, lost in your doodle, next thing you know you're writing on the table, the chair, ending up doodling the teacher's face, did it happen to you too? 😁

Probably not, but when I think of Mr.Doodle, I can't help but thinking that his project to make the world a giant doodle, might come to fruition sooner than later.

The British artist Sam Cox aka Mr.Doodle, who jokingly admits that he "suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Doodling", is a truly remarkable exemple of a niche artist, that created his own market in recent times.

He emerged in 2014 when one of his Doodle artwork got auctioned for $994,238 at Tokyo Chuo Auction Company.

Sam Cox was already well established in Asia at the time, but that's when he career really took an amazing turn.


His style, is unique & quite easy to the eye, probably not for everyone's taste but I have to admire his clear comitment and I really enjoy his style, it's so difficult for an artist to find your own style, Sam and his wife seemed to have went "All in" on the doodling, his wife helping him with his projects, like the recent house in Kent that he doodled in its entirety, yes, you heard me correctly...

And that's mainly the point of the article today, to show you his recent work that I found so much fun.

I am probably late on the band wagon, and I am sure some of you already knew about him especially from his work on Instagram, but his recent video is taking his work to another level, as it combine his artwork, stop motion, architecture, and take a borderline surrealistic route.


“When I was young, maybe about 16 years old, I realized that doodling was just kind of taking over my life. … I started drawing on my parents’ furniture and everything around me. I wanted my doodles to take over everything,” he said. “So I just became obsessed with it in the best way possible. And it’s been like a happy obsession ever since really.”



It took them him 2 years to doodle the house, and it's quite remarkable to listen to him talking about the thought process behind it, how each room has its own theme, and how his wife Mrs Doodle helped him designing each room, along with his uncle doing all the renovation work prior.

To shoot the "The Doodle House" video, it's a slow painstaking process as you need to shoot image per image, while still working on the doodles, while still following a predefined script, or story board.

Sam Cox took his art to the next level, with a piece that might make a big impact in the doodling world 🤣. Would you be able to live in a house full of doodles like this?
Some of the rooms do feel a little bit claustrophobic, and I would probably very quickly need to open the windows, and drop a bucket of bright colour on the walls!

Joke aside, I don't even know if they will live in the house, as it could be auctioned by investors seing it's financial potential ROI, but just from an artistic point of view, planning ahead like he did, keeping the secret on his project, not having any form of feedback if he (and Mrs.Doodle) was going in the right direction, it's a huge comitment, very similar to making a movie or a music album.

src Mr & Mrs Doodle


That house is wild. Insane. It's an amazing art piece but there's no way I could live there. I'd be surprised if anyone wanted. It gives me a headache just looking at it 😆

It gives me a headache just looking at it 😆

Hahaha I feel ya, same! I think even the camera AI doesn't really know how to handle the pixels at some point.