A special day is approaching

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pintura ERICK.jpg

     A very special day is approaching, the 8th birthday of my son Erick, so I decided in advance to make this design based on one of his photographs where he expresses the innocence and tenderness of a 6-month-old baby.

     The time has passed so quickly that it seems that it was yesterday when I tried to take this picture, time passes but in memory memories and every beautiful moment of life are captured.

     For this illustration, I used the technique of digital painting with some vectorized retouching, brushes and gradients about the original photograph, through separate layers that were finally joined to form the final art. Photoshop and the pulse of my hand have been the instrument to use for the elaboration and painting of this portrait.

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Hope you like!

By: @edurley


excellent, very nice happy birthday to your baby!

Hi! thank very much @memox17