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Hello again Hive community, how have you been doing?

I hope everything is going well, or at least, it will get better in time.

This time I bring you a piece of that thing I like a lot, the kinds of stuff that involve elves; in this piece, I refer to paternity.

I remember when I made this piece I was so inspired by photography posted on the Instagram account of DW a couple of years ago. I liked that photo so much that I wanted my version with my characters in it, following a rol story I was writing that time.


Image Source DW Spanish Instagram

As usual, I start my drawing with a basic sketch of the characters and I keep drawing them respectively using as a proportion the size of their heads.
I have to admit adding the horns made the drawing unnecessarily harder but that character carries it so I had to keep them.

In this piece is quite evident that I don't tend to draw infants, the baby was far more difficult to draw that the adult.

In any case, after many tries and stress, I could give an end to the piece, and this is how it turned out.

.:Lore stuffs of Rol that I care a lot but it is not important 😅 :.

The baby is Minala’s child, the elf Hadett (adult of the image) is in love; it is not his blood child because demon hunters cannot have children, nonetheless, he cares of the baby as his.

Extra Edition

When I was planning this publication, I noticed the baby still looks weird. I edited the image again over what I did, trying to fix those things that didn’t like it that much, values, and details, and this is how it looks definitively.

And that is all I have to say for now.

Thank you for reading and stand by.❤️

I hope to see you again soon


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What a lovely scene, @faffy. Wonderful painting.

Thank you very much 😊