New on SuperRare: 'Dissolution of Ego'

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A tokenized GIF-animation of DISSOLUTION OF EGO can now be purchased and traded on SuperRare!

This animation is based on a 3D-physics-simulation I created as a reference for my painting series Dissolution of Ego.

You can place a bid for this digital/tokenized GIF-animation here:


Very awesome animation, I'd say this sort of thing could be hung in a gallery with a framed screen. Do they do that these days? I don't pay attention. Maybe you will start the trend :)

Thanks @pfunk! Yes, these framed displays showing videos or some interactive VR stuff are definitely coming up.

You mean for you or in general? I've already seen and experienced a VR display at the local modern art museum (The Walker). It was some surreal 1st-person hentai, lol.

Well, I always designed the references for my paintings in 3D and VR certainly will bring this process to the next level.

son d'accordo!

Weeiiiii grande phage !!

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