I just had my first bidding war!

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Last Saturday, I woke up with emails from KnownOrigin. I got offers on my works! :o

The first work that got an offer was Us, which is a digital modified (or whatever lol) version of my oil painting "Unfinished Soul" back in 2016.

You can only imagine my excitement as I've received it! :D

As my usual process, I waited 24 hours before accepting the offer (just to be consistent). Unexpectedly, I received another bid from an unknown wallet so that triggered another 24 hours of waiting to give way for the other bidder if he wants to make a higher offer.

Then it later became a bidding war! My first ever in my entire life! :o


It was so exciting to see that two collectors want to buy my work. It just... make me happy knowing they believe in you and they are investing in your works. :')

Since this is my first ever bidding war, I just followed the common bidding process of other artists on the platform. That is, if there's a higher bid, you wait another 24 hours. If there's no other bids and you're happy with it, you accept it. If there's a higher one within that 24 hour timeframe, the clock resets and you wait for another 24 hours until one of them gives up.

In the end, it was purchased for 1 ETH ($391.31 at the time) and I was really really glad I already have sold something for 1 ETH! :o

At the same day that I received the offer for "Us", I also received another offer on my work "Past, Present, Future" from a different collector.


It later received another bid which triggered another bidding war!



After a few days, It also got sold for 1 ETH ($391.38 at the time) and I was really happy!!! T_T

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Bidding wars are exciting and overwhelming at the same time

It is exciting to know they want your work, but it's also quite overwhelming in the sense that it kinda triggers anxiety as well.

As I've mentioned, it was my first time having that so I was kinda worried if I was actually doing it right. Extending it for 24 hours after every bid? It will take forever if you don't put an end to it. The bidding for "Us" actually took 4 days and during those days I was getting worried they'd get impatient.

As humans, they know what they want but at the same time there's a limit.

I was talking to @acidyo while I was having some thoughts in my head.

"What if the collectors be like COME ON JUST ACCEPT MY BID ALREADY!!"


"Why is the auction taking so long"

and etc.

David from KnownOrigin also was kind enough to give me an advice on it. Other artists have been doing this method as well but I haven't observed how they actually end it. If they just waited if one gives up even if it takes many days or what.

In the end, I just put a fixed end date and it worked well.

Also, the overwhelming part is that you have to remind yourself when the 24 hours is gonna end in your timezone and make sure to accept the bid the moment the deadline comes in to prevent another bid to come in and ensure it gets to the collector who won.

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What I've Learned

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. For some reason, I thought my works wouldn't sell that much before cos I usually have a love-hate relationship with my works.

With these recent mini-bidding wars, it's pretty exciting to know someone would fight over to win your works. Like, this is how it feels knowing your works just increase the value because two people want it that much. :')

It's pretty exciting to imagine how much will they be able to sell this in the secondary market in the future.

As a full-time artist who knows how it feels not being able to sell works, having some crisis with my style, having a love-hate relationship with my works, and just quite hard in money-making in general...this really makes my heart warm and motivates me to do more as an artist. I know pretty well that being a full-time artist is pretty dang HARD especially if you don't do commissions (I don't like being dictated what to paint haha) and seeing myself having a slow progress is pretty much very exciting and I'm happy with what I'm doing now.


I can only imagine how exciting this must be for you!

I sometimes wish Vincent van Gogh - my countryman that I have been named after - had lived when crypto was still around or that he would have had some financial success during his life - instead of suffering such an ill fate at an early age ( I'm older - 38 - than he was when he lost his life ) never to experience how much his work makes after his death.

Ethereum isn't the worst to be paid in these days either ;<)


P.S. This almost makes me wish I was a visual artist instead of a filmmaker turned writer who makes funny drawings for his own stories.

Me too! Vincent had really sad life and I wish he had experienced the appreciation he is having now... he never knew he could be this famous today. :(

Thank you!

Well, you can always become one. I don't think it's ever too late. And it's easier for you to learn since you are a filmmaker already, and a writer. You just need to learn the technicalities in telling stories in still. And also being a filmmaker is awesome! I love to be one as well :D

Well, you can always become one. I don't think it's ever too late. And it's easier for you to learn since you are a filmmaker already, and a writer. You just need to learn the technicalities in telling stories in still. And also being a filmmaker is awesome! I love to be one as well :D

I think it was more out of greed ( why I thought of doing stuff like this ), as I've always struggled making money as a creative ( first as a filmmaker, now as a writer ). I've got crypto investments now though and a book to focus on. I make my own drawings too - as you might have seen - but to call them art is probably exaggerated hahaha!

I actually never felt like a artist, even when I made films, more like a versatile creative. I can't help but create. If I don't, I get depressed.

Filmmakers are artists too, artists aren't only for the painters/sculptors. Film is an art too remember! :D

And I definitely understand that, I don't think it's greed but survival. I'm only lucky to have resources for me to be able to practice my art as a full time and make my way without having to struggle financially, but I understand why many go with the more stable jobs. You can always practice your passion later on.

Filmmakers are artists too, artists aren't only for the painters/sculptors. Film is an art too remember! :D

True that. I think it was an inferiority complex / not enough self-love that I'm still working on rebuilding. The film stuff I made was pretty artsy, definitely not mainstream. I feel my current writing appeals to a broader audience, although it's still very much me.

Survival instead of greed. I love that pov! Will remember it. Thank you for making me aware of my words ( you sound like the dino in my stories and the person I try to be these days haha )

I am actually self-employed since the Summer of 2016 and full time into crypto since May 2017. I am still struggling a little but I'm also more abundant than ever before.

The next step is to build various passive income streams. My book will be one of those. Future creative workshops another one.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply and have a great day! ✨

Very interesting post.
It's a captivating insight into your emotional journey attached to your creations.
Which, ART is: a piece of one's soul manifested.
I give you credit for your work.
Which makes one somewhat see the perspective of the buyer too..
That there's an emotional attachment from them also.
Because your works have a profoundly existential aspect to them.
The first "Us" has a societal commentary/self reflection vibe.
Well done for your achievement.

ART is: a piece of one's soul manifested.

Perfect description. :D

Thank you!! Yeah the "Us" is about overcoming insecurities. :D

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you! Making money from selling art is not easy and it takes patience to get there!

i really admire your strong will vyankee that i don't like being dictated what to paint i wish i am that strong telling my client. there was this one client who wanted me to paint similar to ben cab but with my own version, and that i should make a study where she can approve of it (its a waste of time and paints i tell you) but then she suggested that i should just take my time and i should use photoshop so i wont be wasting paints (but i dont know how photoshop when i tried it my ideas was limited coz i only knew few of the tools in PS like it takes me more time again hahah) because of it i didn't work on my paintings because i don't want what she suggested, i just want to stay on my style because that's me. do you ever get the feeling where u can't say no because you owe her for buying your painting ? hahahah until now im still not working on it. i am a hard headed artist i guess for not working on it. hahaha share ko lang vyankee i remembered it when i was reading this post of yours and i am so PROUD OF YOU FOR ACHIEVING THIS!!! You never ceased to amaze me ! you always have that goodluck on your side.

no ! scratch that goodluck ! you have it in you because you do excellent works !
i believe in the quote Follow excellence and success will follow thats what i see !

Wow!!! CONGRATULATIONS! You are extremely talented and original. It makes me happy to see that it is possible to make what one love and pay the bills with it also. It’s obvious you enjoy what you do, and we enjoy to see all your work.

Thank you so much! Yes it's really amazing to do your passion and pay the bills. One of the ways is through Hive, then minting works. :D

I wish I could afford your work dear! I'll personally purchase one in the future! <3

Thank you! I want to mint something in Hive that are cheaper so you could get them if you want. :D

I'm waiting for that! :) <3

This is really exciting. I'm happy for you. :)

Thank you so much!!

wao that must be very exciting ..! and I am glad my dear hidde that they have been able to sell those great works at a very good offer ..! I hope they continue to be very successful ..!

Yeah it was so exciting! Thank you! I really hope so too. You as well :D