My work at the Mindanao Art Fair 2020!

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A month ago, I joined the biggest art fair in the region (so far): The Mindanao Art 2020. The art fair started in 2019, which I also posted about here. The 2019 was the first ever Mindanao Art Fair, which makes the 2020 the second. I wasn't able to join in the main art fair last year but was able to join one of the satellite exhibits for it.

But for the 2020, I was able to join!

Minda Art 2020


The story on how I joined is quite funny. The invitations [to join] were up as early as January (I think) when my college professor told me in advance about their plans and the official invitations were released sometime by February. They needed names but I didn't submit (hehe) cos I wasn't sure what to submit or just having that lazy times lol.

The pandemic happened and I was surprised they are still pushing the art fair. Sometime by the end of July, for some reason I just thought at 3am that I'm gonna join and by early August I consulted with my professor if they are still accepting artists haha. Luckily, he referred me to the curator and I submitted my study/plan and I was accepted to the sculptors' group.



The exhibit took place at Malayan Colleges Mindanao on October 22, 2020- November 15, 2020.


Only invited guests and artists were present during the opening (cos pandemic and strict regulations in our city) but I personally didn't attend cos I don't want to risk getting the virus. They opened the exhibit to the public the following day but the guests have to book an appointment at the website first and they only accept I think 10 persons at a time.


They misspelled my name. A common mistake for everyone :p





Some of my colleagues and friends also participated. I went with @spintwister to check them out! :p


And here's my work!



I wasn't there during the ingress because of the 7pm curfew (which SUCKZ!!!) and I was sooo glad my professor was there who took care of my request. I wanted my work to be put at a hallway or any place that people will be busy walking around at because that's part of the concept and since this is an installation work - which the location of the work (as well as the actual work) is literally the main point lol. I'm so thankful my request was fulfilled! (And also TY to the curators who helped make it happen as well!)



As you can see, the location was perfect! I also didn't have that artwork label which was kinda frustrating as they forgot about me haha but also I think it made the work more powerful as it looks so random, like giving the the fuck is this and the fuck is this doing here vibe lmao.


Shot by @spintwister


Itz me and my work!! :p



I'm glad and proud of participating in this year's Mindanao Art Fair as I was able to exhibit along with some big names in the art scene. The exhibit had a lot of press covers too, so it was a plus! Although the socialization was almost non-existent for me, I still met new artists and was able to interact with them for a bit. New connections, yeah!

Despite the pandemic, the event was successful and the organizers are commendable for this!

See you next year's art fair (I guess!).


That's awesome!
As an art lover and who also tries to succeed with her results, and having different art lovers in my family too, I know how hard it is to have results and get noticed, so I'm really happy for you! :)