Unveiled - Process and Timelapse

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The work "Unveiled" is shown and explained on this post so this part is the whole process of it.

A little bit of a background, this was inspired particularly on a dream that I had a few months ago where I was in a dark place that looked like a theater room. It was really dark like no lights at all but for some reason you can see the figures. They look like human figures but their faces look like that similar in the painting.

One kid with that face walked right in front of me and "screamed" with those face, like trying to scare me. I remember I didn't get scared but instead I smiled and held on to the good vibes cos I know if I get scared even just a bit, it will go downhill from there and become a nightmare.

After that, I had this idea for a painting.



I already had visuals in mind so I sketched it up right away. I love that the pencil in Procreate looks just like a pencil lol, so it drove up my creativity.

I also want it to look kinda like that scene in Insidious: Chapter 4 movie where the figures line up and look straight to the main characters.


After making the sketches, I then started painting the figure with a bit of details. After that, I just cloned one figure to make it 5. xD I'm using the rule of odds for my composition cos it just makes it more dramatic and pleasing to the eyes.


Originally, I wanted the tones of the painting to be warm. So I painted these in brownish color first. I even made a color palette just so I won't get lost lol. Later I just changed it to blueish cos I think it gives the chilling vibe more.



Here's me painting scribbles.

And here's the timelapse that I have exported from Procreate. The app is so amazing cos it automatically records your process unless you choose not to.

And again, here's the finished painting:

Unveiled s.gif


Whooooo, the girl of the moment. Haha, Stunning, my word! When your dreams becomes an inspiration for your art, the details would be glorious. In all honesty I love the process must have taken you hours and I just love the glow within the darkness. The crying or weeping girl gives the picture another definition and the fact that the process recorded automatically was equally good if you ask me.
The finished product is good, I couldn't see the people at the back anymore just the people in the front, how come?

Haha thank you! I really love that contrast as well and wish I could have added more glow to it XD I removed it cos I think they might be too much, or a weird composition cos if I want some people at the back it might be better to have the angle to be higher :D

Yeah I was thinking so, I think the amount of glow, too much might make it loose the essence of details. Well as for the number of people, it's okay if you ask me, having the angle rather than numerous people is also actually great too,

Thanks for the tip by the way.

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This digital painting is really dark. Its like an intense nightmare in a cold night.