Attack Of The Tentacles... - Concept Art Piece With Process (For Blog)

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Hello everyone sharing with you today a bit of a random creative piece of some people out in sea being attacked by giant octopuses.

Final Result


I was initally inspired from this image. I thought these tower like structures looked like bases that people would stay in to protect themselves from deep sea creatures in an alternate universe.I later found out these were part of London's World War II anti-aircraft defences. They are quite interesting structures to look at.


Step 1

I make the image more painterly using an oil painting paintbrush. I want the overall final image to have a little bit of a painterly feel. I am also thinking about where my main light source will be and how that will effect the lights and shadows in the piece.

Step 2

I then start adding waves textures of various kinds because the waters below will ge quite chaotic with the octopuses attacking. They are set to different opacities.

Step 3

I then add the octopuses and large tentacles to the scene thinking about the composition and the story it will tell. I want the viewers eye to follow around the scene easily but eventually lead towards the center and not away from the scene. I use some references from the internet and edit them to fit the scene. I also paint over them with a brush a little to make them part of the scene.



Step 4

I then start to add the people to the scene. Some of them are fighting, some are drowning and some are falling. I also alter these images various ways to fit the scene.

Step 5

The final step involved various small additions such as adding more people to the scene (one being swung into the sky), some blood effects, a hidden person attacking with a knife and some more waves in the foreground. After making my final changes I flatten the layers into one image and adjust the settings to see what works.This image didn't require any strong light sources as it is during the day time.
Overall, this is quite a horrific piece that I oddly enjoyed creating and you wouldn't enjoy being alone in one of those towers.

Thanks for checking out this piece and for all of your support!



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Thanks @offgridlife I will check it out. You made me jump a little when you said I had $6400 dollars worth of blurt when it was 6400 blurt which is equilavent to $64 :D

Well.... when Blurt goes to $1 you will have $6,400 .... it will be there soon.

Yes, that is very possible, when do you think that will be? :)

Cool concept, for a second i thought it was done in 3D haha, but nice work !