Weird... I Felt Like Painting Today

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Weird... I Felt Like Painting Today


12"x12" Canvas with Medium and Light bodied Acrylic paint. Sealed with matte sealant. Artist: @justinashby

I had a conversation with someone today and it left me with a warm feeling of inspiration and creativity. They asked, "Why don't you paint anymore?" I was really taken back as they weren't a long time friend. They went on to state that I had lost my light and could see that I was tearing myself apart doing things I hate for money. (As in, I spent 1/3 of my day on the bus back and forth to a job that was breaking my soul.)

So, I did it...

I made a thing... and it turned out awesome!

They really warmed me up and it felt really cool to know someone was paying attention. I was feeling pretty isolated and cold. I had been disconnecting because of a job and swarming negative thoughts. Their words yanked me out of it and gave me a lifeline. Frickin' sweet! I am super glad there are good peeps in this world that do genuinely have 2 seconds to make someone's day a better one.

It felt good to feel the strokes of the brush and the smearing of paint on canvas again. I actually started with an entirely different painting in mind but I just let it be and it turned out pretty nifty.