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It has been a while since I had peace of mind to do random drawings, but with the autumn I believe that both Phill from GCHQ pages and freak drawings like this will be more frequent.

Weary of the news from the Human Cave I came up with this funny character, and with the title I reach back to another time where people had grown bored and frustrated with peace and democracy.



Fantastic character! I hope you'll have enough peace of mind to do other random drawings like this one! ^_^

Thanks Silvia - I can feel in my bones that I will get more time now :)

Those were also troubled times with plenty of horrors. I hope we can learn from history for a change. I hope you can find the time to be creative and that inspiration strikes.


Sometimes I must admit that I fell human history has a tendency to mess around in the same manure, but I guess that we also need to focus on the progress and righteousness that is also part of what we are.

I haven't had the nerve to see any of the exerpts from the US TV debate last night though :) I have a feeling I will be back in the manure.

I won't bother watching the 'debate' and a few soundclips are enough to tell me what went on. Trump is desperate to cling to power. Okay, so Biden may not be what we might hope for, but he should at least be competent.

I agree fully.

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