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The Pseudonym "Katharsisdrill" is an experiment that has been running for five years. The principles were to make art anonymously and to give it all away for free under the creative commons attribute license. Thanks to generous donations of bitcoins mainly from people at the Diaspora network and upvotes and donations from you guys I was able to work most of 2018 on this project. You can read more about the project in this post: The Katharsisdrill project

Or check the Katharsisdrill website:


Below are the latest works that are not comics. If you like to see comics you can check out the comic project by Katharsisdrill here: Phill from GCHQ.

As is my custom my drawings are only Creative Commons when they are posted on my website (unless stated otherwise). The artworks are in high resolution so it is possible to make quality prints from them. If you have a laser printer you can get close to perfect quality in A4 and A3.

All the pieces are licensed CC-by 4.0. Remember that if you use any of my drawings in public circumstances you are obliged to mention me and link to my Diaspora page:

Artist: Kathrsisdrill
Webpage: www.datataffel.dk/u/katharsisdrill

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Krita drawing - 5607 x 7000 - 7.3 MB PNG

Olde Fortwyn the Soothsayer

Krita drawing - 5442 x 7000 - 3.0 MB PNG


Krita drawing - 3060 x 2735 - 2.2 MB PNG

Vue Rouge

Krita drawing - 4200 x 3200 - 6.8 MB PNG - dédié à Ulla Engberg Polluce


Krita drawing - 2200 x 2973 - 5.1 MB PNG

The Gift

Krita drawing - 3408 x 4348 - 1.4 MB PNG


Krita drawing - 1800 x 2682 - 5.0 MB PNG.


Krita drawing - 3391 x 4813 - 1.7 MB PNG.

The cruel and painful death by fairies of a blue collar bureaucrat

Krita drawing - 4689 x 7097 - 2.8 MB PNG.

Strange things had been said in the baptist church that day, and she needed time alone with God to think about it.

Krita drawing - 4939 x 5387 - 15.9 MB PNG.


Krita drawing - 5586 x 9090 - 2.8 MB PNG.

All works are licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Attribute - Katharsisdrill - Site: https://www.datataffel.dk/u/katharsisdrill

All the artworks are for free, but I would be very pleased if you considered supporting my work.


or by buying something from:


Love these. I can always expect something different from you and that gives me joy. Hope life is treating you well.


Life is fine. I work and only have some small bumps under way. Coronavirus does count as a bump as I have a daughter in primary school.

Happy to hear that. We're going into lockdown this week, but I have been stuck at home anyway. Hoping to be working again soon. Daughter is isolating with us after living away. Nice to have her home for a while. Wife works in a school that is staying open for now. Very strange times.

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