Five years here

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Sometimes I wonder why the @Hivebuzz bothers writing to me. I never really notice what it says. But bots do bother. They are very energetic blokes. And then today I looked at the badge anyway and it said that I had been here five years!

It is true that it was in September and those bots are seldom wrong.

So I will celebrate with a small English poem I wrote because I just learned the new, nice word: cockwomble, from a lovely Australian lady.

There was a man who suffered from holy indignation
The smallest word could trigger his anger activation
He had this secret pleasure every time he felt the pique
And shared this hidden joy with his much indignant clique.
The internet has many who like him in this bliss tumbles
They see themselves as righteous, but are really just cockwombles.

But... the celebration can't stop here!

I will add some old drawings...




And then this homemade image that my wife and daughters find very funny (I have stolen the girl)



Congrats on five years! The time has gone so quickly, but a lot has happened in that time.

Perfect use of cockwomble! Not sure if it's related to these guys.


Dizzy looks a bit like Phill. The first picture reminds me of some @paolobeneforti works. Is that use building the tank? I used to build things like that with Lego.


Thanks! Yes, could be a Pablo I guess. And yes: The last one is me and my brother building a futuristic tank in LEGO, back in time before we called ourself Evil Hippie and Katharsisdrill :)

@katharsisdrill! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @steevc.

Did you know PIZZA team has a curation trail with 29 followers? (2/10)

Congrats man! I can't believe how many years it has been. So long that you're listed in the back of my first issue of Ithaqa!

True... and a nice amount of ups and downs and drama and really great people it has been! + first issue of Ithaqa!

Five years! Congrats. I am so glad you are here.
Someone had to tell me my anniversary was coming up or I would never have known. You happened to look at your badge? I don't even know where to find mine.

Well, I think it was in the comment of the bot...

oh. I turned off that bot in my earliest days, because it was too depressing to find, month after month, that the only comment I had gotten was from a bot. My apologies if I offended anyone with that action, which I now think may have been @arcange. What did I know? NOTHING.

Hehe. bots are known for very little talent for drama, so I am sure that is all forgotten.

As we provide users with the ability to turn off notifications, why should I feel offended by you doing so?

Actually, I believe you apologized to me way back then, so we are even in unnecessary apologies! I tried to start the notifications up again some months later, but couldn't figure out how to do it.

Find any Hivebuzz comment and reply to it with NOTIFY.
It will do the trick et HiveBuzz will notify you about reactivation.
If not, feel free to come back to me

As a newcomer, i can only respect this presence and dedication to the community.
Nice to discover your art here.

Well, welcome to the place :) Definitely one of the more fun places to be on the internet.

Cockwomble is a great word. Very popular on Twitter!!

I attend that Twitter all too little. :)

No doubt a good thing! :OD

Happy Hive Birthday @katharsisdrill