Huldrefar, the unwise, old sailor - artwok no. 400

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I have been working on the Katharsisdrill project for seven years and now I can celebrate a small jubilee - my 400th work - crazy that what I originally thought of as an outlet for random works have become a thing in itself with comics, illustration, a bit of music and some 3d models.

This work is a simple drawing made an evening some time ago. I have posted it before, but now I finished it and gave it a strange name (as usual).


Huldrefar, the unwise, old sailor


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I've known a few old sailors in my day and have a few of my own sailing stories we love to bore people with at cocktail parties :) He looks like the worn faces of the working men of the sea here in New England. Wonderful @katharsisdrill

:) As Denmark is all water and islands I know a couple of old sailors too, and I have been a fisherman in the Faroe Islands when I was 19-20 years old. The North Atlantic connect us so it is not strange that we know those same faces :)

It is rare for an unwise sailor to live to get old ... this is a fine drawing in which a grand story is hidden!

Ha, yes. Unwise, but lucky. Lucky that he didn't get a knife between his ribs in a bar in Surabaya, or fell overboard in a bender in the North sea :) There really is a story there.

What a handsome chap. That is quite a legacy of work and I expect it has all earned you a fair bit. You deserve it. We need a few more artists to realise the benefits of Hive.

I have my Phill figurines on my desk and them make me smile every day.

I have definitely done alright. It has been a strange project to undertake, but I am happy that I decided to gamble on the internet instead of using time on the fine art world. This place has been much more enriching.

You are one of the pioneers. Others may follow, eventually.

I guess I am :) eventually I am sure they will.