When moon?

Coin good! 😎 👏 💰 💱 💲 💴 📈 👛

What’s that yellow thing? Good coin?

"so deep, I can feel artists true feelings for the subject matter, his insights is incredible" :P

An art critic impressions

Coin good good ..... uggg bar.... when Lambo? When Homeless?

Stick coin good 👍

wtf. lol.

D*mn nice drawing skills!

Coin Good!

Just noticed you still posting and still in time to upvote your post.😉

Only in hive can five stick figures coin good good is worth more than $13 lol. Cheers.

Hiya, @kevinwong; dig the cave art :P

Hope your 2021 is off to a decent start -- Plague & political obscenities, aside..

Just popping in to say Hi and also to let you know I'm closing my account @yahialababidi (after being locked out of my wallet, since comp crashed and I lost my password... Grrr).

Anywho, I've risen from the dead and created a new account, @yahia-lababidi :)

Here's my first post:

Perhaps, it might serve as a cautionary tale for some, or schadenfreude for the wicked!

your Egyptian friend


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I love this!

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