Inktober Day 2 // Black Cat

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Two days into October and my commitment to drawing is still going strong!

For those of you who don't know, Inktober is a drawing challenge where artists commit to draw one ink drawing a day over the course of the month. There is an official Inktober prompt list (see below) but people generally draw whatever floats their boat.

@veryspider wrote the best description of the whole thing in this post, referring to the event as "self inflicted suffering". Perhaps the truest of words that I've ever read.

In all seriousness, it's always been fun for me as I love drawing creepy ink doodles to get myself into the Halloween spirit and it's a good way for me to practice my drawing skills and flex my creative muscles. It can get stressful for some artists, especially those who beat themselves up for not committing to one drawing a day. My goal is to do my best but not freak out if I miss a day (or twenty...)

Day Two Inktober


As with yesterday's doodle, I worked with the prompt for the Drawlloween list (see below). The theme was black cats.

Yes, I did make up this tarot card (or at least to my knowledge there is no cat tarot...correct me if I'm wrong).

For those of you who want to participate, here are the prompt lists I am loosely working off of:

I also mentioned in my last post that I watch one scary/halloween movie a night all of October. Last night I watched Hocus Pocus. Tonight's feature is going to be The VVitch

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Hocus Pocus, but it's one of those Disney Halloween specials I grew up watching. And it reminded me of something I made my parents promise me as a kid.

For some reason, it seemed that all the movies from the 90s and early 2000s revolved around something crazy happening to kids, them trying to tell their parents, and the parents not believing their outlandish claims. Hijinks ensue (often world-ending hijinks).

This made me very anxious, especially after watching the R.L. Stine TV series. I had a talk with my parents. I said that they had to promise me that if I ever came to them claiming an evil ventriloquist dummy was trying to murder me or that I had accidentally resurrected hundred-year-old witches (who were also trying to kill me), that no matter how outlandish it seemed, they had to believe me. They agreed to the promise, but luckily nothing ever happened that I had to test it out to see if they would have actaully kept it.


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Wow, love the olden feel on this card design <3 The little tears on the card's edges really add that ambience * ___ * Beautiful piece, also, I love the cat's figure and how it's giving that slight glance...

Love the little witch flying in the background too <3

I mean, is a tarot card really a tarot card if it's not old and weathered?

Whoa Drawloween! I didn't know about this! Of course I'm doing witches and their familiars so sort of already doing that I suppose. Maybe I should combine the prompts from now on.

I love your black cat. An entire deck of cards like this would be amazing!

Yeah, I just found out about it this year. I really like the prompts. And yeah, combining is my strategy. It gives me more options. I don't stick to it too strictly but it's a nice jumping point. And thanks!!

It is a cute cat tarot card design :). I also like that the moon in encircled with stars and a flying witch! Wooo!
I like the VVitch, it has gorgeous ambience and I like how they spoke in that movie. I'm also glad that they don't go full crazy on the final act, which most horror movies do.

Thanks! This was my second time watching it and I think I appreciated it more than I did the first round. The accents and commitment to historical accuracy were really on point. It was a good slow burn horror film.

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I like the witch on her broom flying around the planet (is it earth?) I really like this design. Thank you for sharing!

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