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Please listen to this song while reading this post. I'll wait...

All set?


This is the latest installment of the dancing Baccano characters. Honestly, I never intended to draw them. It was my intention to stop at Ennis and Firo but the drawings got such a great response on Tumblr that people kept requesting I draw more. I'm a little bit at a loss; I feel like I'm ready to put this series to bed but a part of me wants to continue drawing the characters especially because there are so many that I love.


I'm really happy with how this one came out and I think the blood spatter was a lovely touch. For a little context, the guy is Ladd Russo, a violent hitman who truly enjoys his line of work and takes a special enjoyment in killing anyone who believes themselves to be safe from death. His fiance, Lua, is...okay hear me out. How do I explain this? She wants to die but specifically at the hands of someone who would enjoy it. The idea of Lua dying by the hands of Ladd is something that they both genuinely find romantic. It's not exactly what I would call couple goals but, to each his own???

Honestly, not my favorite characters in the series but they sure were fun to draw!

Let's see them all together:


Isaac and Miria


Nice and Jacuzzi


Chane and Claire


Ennis and Firo


If you've listened to the song as I instructed in the beginning, you're probably at the saxophone solo right about now. This is one of the main themes from the Baccano soundtrack and, as you can probably guess, it usually plays when shit goes down.

The Baccano soundtrack is probably one of my favorite anime OSTs. It's jam-packed with great songs that really evoke the era the series takes place in. It has a good variety, some slow songs and some fast-paced. But overall it matches the high intensity feel that rest of the show delivers.

I know from my other posts, I convinced of few of you Steemians to watch the show. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you recently checked it out! Or, tell me what your favorite anime is and why I should go watch it! I'm in need of some new shows to binge-watch.


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Give the people what they love I guess :) Just kidding, you end it when you are done, that's how I feel.

I really like them though too.

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oh wow, @la-fumettista ! this series is really neat <3 i love it ! the blood splatter really tells a story about this couple's ... slightly unusual personalities :> :> :> love the pose, the expressions and their outfits * ___ *

Gorgeous post <3

Ohhh, I think this is the first couple where the expressions differ between the characters. I really like the fact that you put enough personality traits even when they're dancing, so people who don't know the anime can also get the know these people.

Great movement flow, and your deft choice of colours are great once again :).

Yeah, this couple they have widely different personalities; Ladd is bombastic and absolutely buckwild while Lua barely shows any emotion.

Multi-media post yaaaaaas!

Hello i really like the idea to listen to the track at the same time as watching your art:)

I thought it was a nice touch XD

Very beautiful series, I like all the different poses and you surely managed to capture the dynamic feeling of movement. The background of each couple is also very interesting, I like reading some additional insight about the personalities of the people depicted.

As far as "bad romance" goes, I recently watched "The End of the Fucking World" on netflix. Two teenagers leave home together on a road trip; the girl is a non-compromising angry youth seeking her real father; the boy is a psychopath, and after killing animals he wants to try something bigger ... yes, the girl. And, they fall in love with each other. There are eight episodes, ~20 min each; try it!

Thank you so much; it can be tricky to capture movements in drawings so this was a good exercise for me.

I loved that show!! It was so good and so different from the rest of the shows on Netflix, especially revolving around high schoolers.

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