First Plein Airt Painting for 2020

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And now for something different...

My first plein air painting for the year which I painted in the company of Kuba Ambrose up in the forested hills. Even a rain storm wasn't going to stop us painting.


It wasn't until I made it home that I discovered the forest had also left its mark on the painting as we walked out through thick foliage. It adds a little extra character to the painting.

Prior to my outdoor painting adventures, I prepared a stack of self-made canvas boards. Previously I had simply gessoed plywood. But after seeing another artist mount pre-primed canvas to boards and how easy it was, I ferreted out the canvas offcuts that I had been keeping for such unforeseen possibilities.


Mounting the canvas wasn't as straight forward as I had thought, so after some trial and error, I now have a production process which gets the job done with a minimum of fuss.

I think I now have more than enough canvas boards for this year's plein air season.

30 x 21cm, oil on canvas board

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Yay for being able to get out! Were you painting in the rain or was there a bit of shelter? Or is that the rain coming for you in the photo? XD

Rain didn't last too long and we were under thick foliage as well as a small tarp Kuba put up.

That actually sounds really pleasant :)