From Smirk to Smile - Progress pictures for my new Sun Card

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I am still working on my cards for the Tarot deck that I am doing with three other artists. We are hand painting most of them and it can take months for just one. I just finished my Sun card. It took forever. My muse (my son) had such a naughty smile and it took for ever to make it just right for this particular card. I thought I would share some of the images of the work in progress.

Sun Liba WS web.jpg

In this first picture you can see the beginnings of the painting. I am working a dark neutral color and white over a burnt sienna background. You can also see that my muse is being a little too naughty for his role.


not as naughty but definitely about to explode laughing
20200517 19.50.14.jpg

oops too serious
20201009 14.31.32.jpg

ahh. i finally felt that the joy and fun was shining through with sweetness and peace.

Sun Liba WS detail.jpg

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