Fostering Lament

in #art2 months ago

Here is a new drawing for you. This might be one of the darkest pieces i've made and perhaps its why it took two years to finish it, but there is another reason. It is also one of the few paint works that are colored like this; most of these are black and white. There was a piece that came before this in 2018 when i started working on this, simply titled "Yes". That one was linked to a large abstract painting i did called Queen of Mirrors.When i got to work on this one, the color was just playing off those two yellow works with a simple complementary scheme, there wasn't a painting that corresponded to this one. So, while all the elements were in place, there was something missing. It wasn't until a week ago i came to finish a painting (or atleast very close to) that happened to be violet and i felt i could complete this one. There is meaning to the colors ofcourse, with that painting i was contemplating on the idea of letting go, in many aspects of life, which can turns out can be a very difficult thing. So this is kind of in the neighbourhood and I'll let the rest to the viewers.


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beautiful congrats on finishing after two years, that must feel good!

Thank you Julia! It does for sure

Very scary and terrifying but beautifully done. Awesome!😄

Thank you! This is definitely in the very deep end.

You are right. But two years?🤔 That's hell of a time.